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    The Velocity Plus was designed to handle a large quantity of grass and get it out of the deck in a hurry. This means you will not see the small clippings produced by the Ultra Cut deck Exmark uses, but you will be able to handle more grass, and damp grass, while leaving a good discharge spread. The Scag Velocity Plus is probably the best all around deck ever designed.
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    Turf Tiger works for me. The only ***** I have with Scag is a design flaw that to my knowledge hasn't changed. The front bellcrank weldments are not replaceable and wear. The swivel joints should be made softer so they wear first or make a simple bolt on bellcrank. Other than that can't complain.
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    I agree 100%. The Velocity deck is what I compare all other decks to. I have only found a couple that compare...
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    I would do a demo of the TT and Cheetah. There is alot of love for the Cheetah, but my 2 employees and I liked the TT 35hp Vanguard better. Could be just used to it because I've been running the TT's for so long. I do like the extra fuel capacity of the Cheetah, but for all the hills and slopes we have the TT holds better. A small fuel tank under the seat is the trade off you have to take to have the lowest center of gravity possible. Also the suspension seat on the TT doesn't seem to ride much diff than the Cheetah. I would like to try a Cheetah with a suspension seat. Also don't like how the fuel tanks are over the top of the blade nuts on the outside blades. Can't zip them off from the top with the impact gun like the TT. The clips on the back engine panel that hold it on are flimsy also. Wouldn't keep the back panel up. We had it held up with a piece of trimmer line....:laugh:. First flimsy part I've ever seen on a Scag.:drinkup:
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    a little over 1gph i can do all my accounts without switching over to the other tank, and i have about 6.5 hours of mowing time, maybe a little less and i use somewhere around 7 gallons maybe a little less to do all my accounts, but i'm also double cutting because i haven't changed my blades yet 73hrs on this set and i've run over alot sticks, and other stuff, i procrastinate a lot, so its probably pretty close to 1 gallon per hour, which is fine with me. i'm going to demo a 72" turf tiger with a diesel if one of my local dealers has one, only reason i going to try a tt is scag doesn't make a bagger system for the 72" cheetah yet. but i think a 72" scag would make a nice addition to the cheetah i just bought, especially if i can get up to 50-60 accounts for next year.
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    I bought my SCAG Cheetah this past June after 9 years with my John Deere Z. I should have spent all my money 9 years ago and gone with the SCAG instead. JD isn't even in the same category when compared to the heavy duty build of a SCAG.

    Without the slightest reservation, I would go and buy 3 Turf Tigers or Cheetah's if I needed 3 machines. You'll still be using them 10 years from now I'm sure.
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    i wish mine was at 1 gph, last i checked was 1.8. a tt with the cat diesel would be nice to try out
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    Someone above mentioned going under trees and this is something to definetly think about if youve got a lot of them..... the Tiger cat is a few thousand less than the other 2 machines everyone is talking about and is definetly not quite as comfy but in fact does have some advantages!!!!

    First off, they are VERY compact (length) when it comes to trailering......

    Your head height is lower for GOING UNDER STUFF. Trees, etc.

    Its lighter than the others by quite a bit..

    I demoed a cheetah and if all I mowed was a lot of wide open areas thats what id have but I was getting my ears ripped off and hat knocked off every time I tried to go under trees. Thats definetly something to think about. Especially if it pisses you off as much as it does me when you knock the ever loving crap out of your head on a tree limb. Nothing makes me madder!!!!!!!!!!:cry:
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    I have a lot of yards that in my opinion are too big to use a walk-behind, but too small to use something like a turf tiger or cheetah. So, I went with the Tiger Cat. These yards also have quite a few trees. The compact size of the TC makes it perfect for these types of lawns; i'm sure many of you have some lawns like this. If I gain a considerable amount of yards that are large & mostly open; I will probably go with a TT or Cheetah. That will be a new thread. LOL
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    Hey RSK, am I reading this right, do you mean you don't sharpen blades, you just put new ones on when the old ones get dull?


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