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    alotta Scag fanboys on this forum. They are not the end all,be all of mowers!
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    IDK, maybe their was something wrong with the demo. We ran it for 2 days the last time in thick wet grass. It was using 2.3 gph and the TT was at 1.8, and getting through the grass quicker. Of course it was like comparing apples to oranges with a 27hp.

    I would like to be able to demo a 950 with a 37hp. They priced it at 12,750 with suspension seat. The last TT I bought this June with the 35hp VG was 9300. The one before it 2 years ago this Oct was a demo with 120 hours, and it was 8200. So my JD dealer is definitely not dicounting the price any. Also the JD dealer won't take anything besides another JD mower in on trade.
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    I think you are getting your JD model numbers mixed up. The JF with the 37 )actually a 35 now under the new rating system) is the 970. They do run more, but part of that is because of the bigger Kawi, and part of it is because of the fact that they only come with a 72" deck.

    If you were comparing those two machines, then I could see the higher fuel use on the JD. That engine typically uses more gas than the Vanguards do for some reason. On top of that, if the TT had the more common 61" deck and the JD had a 72" deck, that would def make a difference in fuel use, and performance in how fast you'd be able to cut grass. I would think that if you could get the 970 with the 35 and a 60" deck, it would be very close in performance to a TT with the 35 BB and 61" deck.
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    I dont own one personally but another company I work for has an old Tiger Cub from way back when and that thing still runs like a champ and is used almost everyday! Not sure how many hours are on it but I know the hydro pump had to be replaced not too many hours ago

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    I was curious what the 36hp vanguard uses per hour on fuel. Anyone know?
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    It will be in the same range as all the 900+cc big block engines running on mowers today, and that will be in the 2.0 gph range.
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    I Love my Scags. I've been running Scag since 99 and have had great luck with them. You get what you pay for with them.
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    I've run Scags in the past for nearly 2 decades. They were always good machines and built like tanks. The only reason I don't run them now is because there is no Scag dealer in the area. I've also used Great Danes. Those are basically a copy of the Scag since they were developed by the same guy-Dane Scag. For those that don't know, he passed away in August at 94. I've run a Dixie Chopper for the last 3 years and am finding that it is comparable to the Scags. I'm more productive with the DC only because it is faster and does better in wet grass. Less clumping. I very rarely clean the deck on the DC. Ease and speed of service and repairs would be my number one deciding factor.
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    Sorry Puppy, but I have to disagree. My 35 Briggs was between 1.8 & 2.0 in the spring. But in the thinner late summer to fall grass, over the course of 108 hours, she burned at 1.57 gph.
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