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    Overbuilt in the wrong areas. overpriced. stiff controls and ride. have a quite afew hours on alot of their machines. my friend has a freedom z. nothing special. Not a fan of their machines. Youll be very happy with John Deere. Their 7 iron II deck is known as one of the best decks in the industry, being able to handle alot of different conditions. The exmarks CUT good, but only in near perfect conditions. Diverse conditions with weeds, tall grass, and moisture make you want to burn the machine when you have to triple cut to disperse the clippings. They do however have alot of suction.
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    That's a 30 briggs and stratton professional engine. Not built as good as the 27hp kawi in the cat.
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    idk where your getting alot of this i paid 9k for my tiger cat with a 61in deck and 27 kawi i just got quote on a deere and it was right near a scag so idk where its over price. The velocity deck is considered by alot of people ot cut grass in all condition very well with the wide discharge chute. The controls are still and exmarks are touchy as can be so its all about what you prefer to run. I switched from exmark to scag. Overbuilt in the wrong areas? frame is built like a tank im pretty sure that an important part of a machine. Ill take a machine thats overbuilt over under built any day of the week. oh the the suspension seat makes the ride smooth as can be and most dealers will give it to you for free.
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    Ive got a JD with the mulch on demand deck so I dont blow grass into beds and the 7 iron deck really is well built and cuts well. The regular 7 iron deck (not the mulch on demand) does disperse grass better. I catch nothing except in the fall so side discharge was my number 1 concern. Ive been looking at scag for my next ztr just because the money I paid for my JD, I feel I could have saved a couple grand and got more in terms of the velocity deck and the opening. To each his own, demo everything out there.
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    I am a tried and true scag guy who has been around a while. We have tried a lot of the top brand mowers around and when we went with scag it stopped us in our tracks!! We love them, and Yes GO WITH THE TIGER CAT!!!!!!! You will be glad you did. For one Im almost positive that your gonna get a suspension seat........ That seat is over $600 bucks! Its worth every darn penny to. Your gonna get wider tires which ride a lot nicer to.

    We have had the scag turf tigers and they are BIG. for us Id rather go with a machine that is as light as possible but still get the best of both worlds which is offered with the tiger cat. You still get the 61" cut and a nice ride. All we had with our turf tigers was a mower that got stuck much easier in wet conditions and a little more speed and power which is not needed in weekly and every other week cutting.

    As for the john deere Ive personally never owned one but I will tell you this. We is a very well known and like contractor in my area that went from John deer to Scag and he said he will not look back! He said that the cut was very similar since the 7iron and velocity are so similar but comparing price he can buy the tiger cat for around a grand less in my area and still thinks its a better mower. This guy also has been around for a long while. Im just passing that info along second hand but for us (ive been in business 14yrs now) those little tiger cats are VERY HARD TO BEAT! That 27 hp motor your talking about is what we have and all 3 of my have over 2000 hours. One had a head gasket start leaking but other than that no problems AT ALL! also, unless your mowing very tall grass your not going to bog that engine down. We do weekly and every other week cuts and we have never had power problems!!!
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    Im sure that in some areas these bad boy mowers are decent but im a lot of areas with not perfect conditions (weedy, wet, etc) these mowers SUCK with a capital S U C K! the machine is nice but there deck designs got a LONG WAY TO GO before they are a velocity or 7iron. We demoed one side by side with my scag tiger cat with over 2000 hrs on it and my scag did so much better of a job we didnt even keep the badboy the whole day. We just took it back.....
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    I would agree unless you mow alot of slopes. The TT having the fuel tank below the seat, and wider stance gives the best hillside capabilities.
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    The only thing I didn't not like about the tiger at is how stiff the controls felt to me... Idk maybe it was just me but that and a couple of other things
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    From my short experience dealing with engine hp, Kawasaki is the closest to true, followed by Briggs/Stratton, and then Kohler is usually 3-4 hp off. Someone can definitely say it better than I can, but usually it has to do with the torque that the engines have more than the hp.


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