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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by Bassyarddog, Jan 16, 2018.

  1. Bassyarddog

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    We currently run all scags but recently our dealer has quit selling scag and we looked at other dealers and brands and found some pretty good fleet pricing from Exmark and warranty’s. We used to keep our equipment until it was done but we are thinking of selling them off every two years to stay away from high maint. costs and it seems like people say Exmark clumps when wet but is great in ideal conditions. We mainly cut fescue and some bermuda but sometimes the grass is wet past noon especially on large hoa common grounds that are cut bi weekly. We generally run mulch kits on all our weekly jobs and side discharge wide open commercial jobs that are bi weekly. Do exmarks mulch weekly fescue good. Any other lco’s input would be appreciated, stay where we’re at with scags or make the switch and try some exmarks. Thanks
  2. TPendagast

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    What does your current dealer sell now?

    Why don’t you just keep the mowers you currently have
    Does it matter that your dealer has done something different?
    You already have mowers at the moment.
  3. Griffinlawn

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    We made the swap from scags to exmarks about 4 years ago an I have nothing but positive to say. Fleet discounts are great, sealed bearings on spindles and majority of the machine, and easier to operate.

    I haven’t encountered any clumping on wet grass any worse than the scags done.
  4. Bassyarddog

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    Our dealers sells Ferris now and the last couple of visits with repairs we couldn’t fix ourselves have been charged to us with repairs not being done correctly. We put 800-1000 hours per season on zero turns and 500 on walk behinds so we usually get 3 years before major repairs so we were thinking if we move equipment every two years we would avoid costly repairs ( engines, hydros, etc.) Thanks for your input.
  5. Ridin' Green

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    I can't speak for the southern grasses, but here in the north where I am, there are a ton of Exmark's, and yes, the Exmarks are clump monsters in wet grass. Few here will run a mulch kit under one either unless the job they are doing requires it for safety etc. IME, all mulch kits clumps some in spring growth when wet from rain, irrigation or early morning conditions, not just Exmark, but they always seem to be worse, which makes sense when you consider the fact that they are so tightly baffled. They do awesome in the dry though. Too, Exmark doesn't have near the range of engine choices that most other brands do and in my area, they are way, way more money than any other brand except Toro, which is rarely seen on a commercial cutter's trailer. I don't know if this is true or not, but late last year I heard that Exmark is coming out with a new deck that is more suited for northern grass conditions. If so, I will be willing to look at them at that point, but not until then.
  6. dathorpe

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    Exact opposite of my experience. We ran Exmark and Toro for a decade and then switched to Scag in 2013. My times improved on jobs because I didn’t have to waste so much time blowing out clumps. Morning dew was a nightmare for my Exmarks. I’m never going back unless Exmark does something different with their decks. At that point, I may consider switching back... though it’s not likely.
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  7. Greencuts518

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    Good I'm in the market for a scag or exmark myself..I've only used scag but have heard good things about exmark and they are slightly cheaper then scag at my dealer.. but if they choke on wet grass that's a deal breaker.. Go Team Orange...
  8. Jmartinps1

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    Scag. I've ran both and the Exmark is a night mare on those 6 a.m. commercial yards

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