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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Quality Lawn Care, Mar 7, 2002.

  1. Quality Lawn Care

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    I'm looking into buying my first 48" rider and need help. I'm looking at Lesco, Scag and Exmark. I've all but ruled out lesco from what I've read, so that leaves scag and Exmark. The most important thing to me is quality of cut, I want it to stripe like a ball field. I know you can buy a stripping kit for a 52" Exmark, but I only want a 48" mover. My question is have any of you actually compared these two mowers together and with what results? Does anyone own one of these mowers that can tell me about the quality of cut? Thank you in advance for your help.
  2. BobbyBcuttin

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    Qlc I own a 2001 turf tiger as far a stripping goes it leaves little to no strips
  3. We have the 48in lazer hp it cuts excellent but id recommend if at all possible the 52 lazer hp because the 48 has very little trim side.
    That makes it tough going around landscaped areas that have lawn edgeing and retaining walls.Also the ground speed is faster on the 52.
    We got the 48 because that was all the dealer had at that time and we needed the mower right then.
    If a 48 is what you want tho it still cuts excellent.




  5. 65hoss

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    You can't beat the cut of the eXmark! The factory at eXmark has some of the best people working there. As LGF said, its ford vs. chevy. But I demo'd both machines before I bought and I'll take the eXmark any day.

    BTW, get the 52". The trim side is important and the extra speed is great too. You'll find that anywhere the 48" will go, so will the 52".
  6. Quality Lawn Care

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    Wow - some great advise. Thank you
  7. Jim Feder

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    I have a 48" scag cub and love it cut is just as good as my 48" scag w/b I like the scag cub and only paid 5800.00 for a 2001 with the 20 kolher air is scag for me.
  8. Wood Lawn Man

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    I agree with Jim Feder. Not only does the 48" Tiger Cub provide an excellent cut, but you can get one for around $6000. With the new custom baffling on all Scag decks, you get great cut quality in every condition. Also, the striping kit you mentioned from Exmark can be easily adapted to fit on the 48" Cub, although I don't think you'll need it. :D
  9. TLS

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    52" Exmark Lazer HP with 23hp Kawi.

    Thats all!
  10. dlandscaping

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    I am also going to be looking at these mowers. Another mower i am going to look at is the Toro walker look alike. They lowered the price to $8000 which is the same for the exmark and scag 48 riders here. I personally like the toro since you don't have a bagger hangin off the side. You can change from mulching to bagging easily without changing decks and bags and stripes very well. It also has a flip up deck making it short and easy to do blade changes on. I also am drawn to it over the fact it has 2 blades that cut in different directions causing no blowout. With the exmark and scag there is 3 blades and i am scared of blowout which is why i am getting rid of my 48 walkbehind. I am gonna ask around here about these machines since most deals for the riders end in March and grass doesn't grow till April/May.

    good luck with your purchase and report back to which machine you picked.

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