scag or exmark

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by A.J.'s Lawn Service, May 22, 2002.

  1. A.J.'s Lawn Service

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    i know they are about the same cost

    But which one is better metro or a SW?:blob4:
  2. 65hoss

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  3. Southern Lawns

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    Exmark doesn't even play on the same field as Scag.
    Exmark has proven to be one fine machine..
    Scag is still trying IMHO.
  4. We have had a lot of trouble with scagg riders but there ultimate hydro walkbehind's have been like a rock for us cuts great and stripes great to.Dont have a exmark walkbehink but there lazer hp we got has been great.
  5. Liquid Cooled Exmark

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    I use a LQeXmark rider 27hp, and a scag walk behind(hydro) if you want a good quality cut then go with the eXmark, if you want a good cut also, but a machine that will outlast the est of them, then go scag. I still use a scag with an 18hp vanguard, 52" deck and over 3000 hours on it, the machine is a 1993 cuts and runs great still(minor problems but nothing you cant fix within 5 mins) So either is good and bth cut great, but scag will outlast the eXmark.
  6. Just Cut

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  7. scagman

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    I like em both, own two Scags and love them. I demoed Exmark this year and love them too, but I cant get passed the new ECS, it bites!
  8. tralfaz

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    You didn't mention whether you were looking at ZTR's or walkbehinds. With ZTR's, I've owned a Scag Turf Tiger and currently own a Exmark LazerZ Liquid Cooled. I (so far) actually like the Turf Tiger better as far as the design and conveinences and it seems to hold better on a slope. The cut is pretty much the same. I did have hydro pump problems with the Turf Tiger though, but I think they have a hydro cooler on the new models now.
    As far as walkbehinds, I've had a Scag for about 10 years and it had held up fine.
  9. Oliver1850

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    Own a 2001 Exmark Laser Z and 2002 Scag Tiger Cub.

    As far as quality of cut, the Exmark stripes better.

    The Scag is better in the wet, thick stuff and has the adjustable front baffle to control air flow into the deck. In addition, the Scag is more comfortable to run.

    Part for part, the Scag is the hands down winner.

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