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    I bought a SCAG Turf Tiger 61" and i just wanted to see what people thought about that compared to the Exmark Lazer Z. Do a little research before you answer this one. :)
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    Down here in Florida 75% here use scag.That is because there are a lot of Scag dealers down here that have more parts and better service so look and see what the majority in your area is using.That should tell you what the best choice is.Hope I`ve helped.:)
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    I've heard and see that they are built like a tank! I, however, have always been a little leary of their cut quality. They also have a driveshaft to drive the cutter deck. I'm not a fan of multiple U-joints and slip joints. I've had problems with my JD F935's driveshaft 3 of them! They get expensive. But maybe the SCAG has a better system. I would go with whoever your closest/best dealer is. Which I'm sure you did. I don't like SCAG's website, they have a decent product, but their website stinks. Offers even less info then their brochures.

    Good luck! And have FUN!
  4. Turf Kutter

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    Well they do give a nice cut on the St.Augistine grass down here.
  5. Keith

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    I had a Scag walkbehind several years back that had a very poor cut quality on St. Augustine and Bahia. The distributor ended up giving me a loaner, that was marginally better, to use while they decided what to do with mine. They ended up replacing it with one of the first 'Florida Models' introduced. And it was not any better than the loaner. These were supposed to be greatly improved, which tells you they had issues. They didn't just build one for me, LOL. When I hear others on a Scag cut quality rant, I know what they mean. The cut was unexceptable.

    The introduction of the Bahia deck tells you they still have problems. No other mower needed a special deck.

    As far as the shaft driven deck, remember there are a host of wearable parts in this system. I own a Grasshopper with a similar system. I just replaced everything from the pto to the deck with the exception of the gearbox two months ago. The gearbox failed two weeks ago. That is about $500 total invested (doing it myself) in parts that on an Exmark would be a belt and some idler pulleys.

    As far as Scag being more popular in depends on what part of Florida :)

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    i personally own a 61" scag,and i living in louisiana there is a lot of bahia grass and it is tough,i've seen people mowing with exmarks and oher brands and it leaves sprigs,some of them will go back over it and make it look nice,though most of them wont,the good thing about the scag ONE TIME and you are done,none of this double cutting,i have an exmark also-so i am not hitting on exmark-they are great machines,scag will just cut the tougher grasses better in my opinion,oh by the way-the quality of cut is just as good as an exmark or walker or whatever-as long as you know how to operate it correctly.i mow a couple of yards where beside them ,they are mowed by a walker or grasshopper and it looks just as well or even better than the other yard,i take pride in my work and do a super job in the least amount of time possible.i mulch everything i mow-it just looks better than discharging,i am going to try the double blades and see how they do,i am also curious about how a chopper cuts the tough grass,i would like to look at them next time i by a mower.

    MIDSOUTH LawnSite Senior Member
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    (The introduction of the Bahia deck tells you they still have problems. No other mower needed a special deck.)posted by keith

    by the way,most of the other mowers don't do as well as the scag in tough grasses,maybe if the other manufacturers introduced a bahia deck they might cut tougher grasses better.

  8. AB Lawn Care

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    The company who has the contract for my citys parks uses scag turf tigers.I have never seen such a bad cut in my life.......BUT! that is becouse they have idoits driving them!I can't say that I have ever seen them give a good cut,but that's becouse they have the deck set way too low,and drive like mad max!As far as cut quality goes,I own a scag walk-behind and it gives a better cut than my walkers and any machine I have ever used!So you can't say all scag's give a bad cut,it all just depends where you live and which model you are using.The 1 thing that really turns me away from a turf tiger is that the deck is basically fixed.It has a tiny amount of play,but I need a deck that hugs the curves,not plows into them!

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