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    I am new to this site, I have read many post on this topic and find that many go off topic. My question is for those who have demoed both 3100z ferris and scag cheetah and the tt. Trying to decide which to go with. Pro and cons. My concern is the scag cheetah on hills?
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    Turf tiger is the best in my opinion. I demoed a 61" with the liquid cooled efi kawasaki. It was pretty awesome. Can't tell you anything about a ferris. I have used scag since 1996, I will not buy a different brand of mower.

    WARRIOR44M LawnSite Member
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    Thanks. I hope to hear from any others on this topic.
  4. ch4x0r

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    I haven't had any experience on any of those i have a toro but i do know a local guy here runs the scags and have seen him tackle some pretty nasty hills on that scag! almost makes me wanna get rid of the toro and buy a scag cause mines horrible on hills lol
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    Had a turf tiger with 29 hp dfi. Best mower I ever had. If you mow hills those things will mow steep banks hills. Don't know about ferris.
  6. dathorpe

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    I've spent extensive demo time on Cheetahs but I bought Turf Tigers. They're both real nice and contrary to what others might tell you, they are equally excellent on hills. I've driven a Turf Tiger across a very steep hill - to the point of starting to slide - and then driven a Cheetah across the very same hill just minutes later. I found neither to be better than the other. I chose Turf Tigers because they seem to be a little heavier build than the Cheetah. As for the Ferris, I've never driven one but I plan on changing that either this fall or next spring. I'm interested in the ride but I'll bet dollars to donuts that a Ferris will not hang on a hill like a Scag.
  7. Mondragon Lawn Serv

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    We have two Ferris one Is 2000 and a Is 1500 till this day we have not had any issues with the hills and I can assure you the ride is amazing. The ride itself will allow you to cut time then other rigid frame mowers. The top speed is the speed you will mow at just about all the time. Many will say their mower is fast but most of those will not go full speed on their mowers bc of the terrain. Granted tall thick grass, like any other mower, you'll have to slow down. I have demoed Bobcat Procat 61" , Wright Zk 61", Toro 3000 60", and Gravely 60" and a Hustler Z 60", all of which are great mowers and all have done great on the hills but we will not swap out any of the Ferris any longer. The only reason we would change would be if we get better deals to justify purchasing the others. I do have to say the ZK did a bit better on even steeper hills but most wouldn't even attempt our goat mountain climbing hahaha :hammerhead::hammerhead: hope I helped
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    Im using a 3100z, have used SZ 60" on hills and its no better then the Ferris, logic tells me the Ferris would be better, but I cant determine a difference to speak off, just that the Ferris is plenty good enough on slopes for what I could expect. I get sliding but no more or less than on others

    The Ferris cuts extremely well & gives the best ride you can get from any ZTR. Best investment I have made for my business.

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    Thanks for all your responses. I am looking forward to getting rid of my ferris 3100 next season, to invest in a scag turf or cheetah. I will continue to do my research between the two. I had a lot of bogging down with my mower this year. 30 hp vanguard. High lift blades[oregon]; ga.
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    We use Scag ZTR's & w/b's. Main reason: quality of cut. This has actually been a selling point when bidding. Few around here use Ferris. Most use Exmark or JD, but I'll match our quality of cut against Exmark, JD any day of the week.

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