Scag or ferris

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by WARRIOR44M, Sep 22, 2013.

  1. greenology

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    Why are you looking forward to getting rid of it?

    WARRIOR44M LawnSite Member
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    Wanting to switch to a scag, Ferris is a good machine some pros and cons. I just think all of which I've read that scag is a better quality machine.

    WARRIOR44M LawnSite Member
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    2010 3100 z Ferris 580 hours, 30 hp van guard. Icd deck. I will be advertising it by spring, maybe earlier. Well maintained, garage kept, never left outside.
  4. Ridin' Green

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    Before I bought my Z950 JD I was about to buy a Scag TT. I love those mowers. The Cheetah is nice enough, but I doubt it's built any better than the 3100 after looking at them too. I kinda wish I had gone with the 3100, but dealer location was a big problem for me. anyway, the Cheetah is way too cramped feeling to me. Tiny floor board area etc. the TT was the only real Scag choice IMO. I don't mow at speeds that require the Cheetah's top end, and I could care less about speed bragging rights. I just want a mower that is fast enough to make me time and money.

    Right after I bought my 950 Gravely came out with the new 400 series. That will be my next machine no doubt, and that's saying a lot, since I have been a die hard Deere man for all my equipment for many years.
  5. dathorpe

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    Well Warrior, you're right - there are pros and cons - to both machines. I absolutely love my Turf Tigers. I do believe they are without equal for everyday mowing. Solid build, excellent design, the most versatile deck in the industry - these machines were made for the commercial world of mowing. But they do have flaws - the small fuel tank, no EFI option over 30hp (though, from what I understand, that will be corrected next year), and the ride. The ride isn't terrible. It's actually what I'd call typical for a full size zero. But you're coming from a full suspension mower and I would imagine that it would be a difficult transition to a rigid frame mower. From everything I've read, the Ferris 3100 is a solid commercial unit and it's deck is pretty much a copy of the Scag Velocity Plus deck. I'd spend quite a bit of time running demos before I made that leap... the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.

    As I said, I love my Turf Tigers... wouldn't trade them for anything. But I am planning on running demos on the Ferris 3100 either this fall or next spring because I do have interest in the Ferris as a specialty mower for rough properties.
  6. Brules

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    If you are bogging down a 30HP Vanguard engine.....I dont think switching mowers will fix the problem or adding 2-5 more must be mowing too much grass lol....
  7. greenology

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    Good advice...

    Good luck with your demos when you get around to it, Im sure you will be very pleased with the Ferris.
  8. velezivan

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    I would go with the Turf Tiger. I used one for about a year that I borrowed from a friend before I bought my machine and I loved it. Unfortunately I didn't have the dough to buy a new one so I got the Tiger Cat which is a great machine, but doesn't compare to the Turf Tiger. That machine is a beast!

    WARRIOR44M LawnSite Member
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    I appreciate all your post. I agree that maybe my knowledge of scags would help me determine what i plan on doing next spring.
    { scag turf tiger/ cheetah or ferris 3100} which is the far superior machine.
  10. Church2224

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    While Scag is not my favorite, there is no question they make a great mower. I would take them over a Ferris any day. Their build on their riders and fixed deck walk behinds is immaculate. Wish they made a push mower.

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