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Scag or Gravely? 13 or 15 hp?

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by BigTwoHearted, May 14, 2003.

  1. BigTwoHearted

    BigTwoHearted LawnSite Member
    from VA (z7)
    Messages: 17

    The respective Scag and Gravely dealers in my area have quoted me the same price (3,000) for both the Scag and Gravely machines equipped as follows: gear (belt) drive, 15 hp Kawasaki, and 48" fixed deck. The Scag dealer was not sure if his machine was powered by a single or a twin Kawi--I'm pretty sure it's a twin . He has to order the mower, as he is a small mom-and-pop operation, stocking only the "big sellers": while he didn't have any walk behinds on the floor, he did have three Tiger Cubs ready to go.

    Hmmmmm. . . .

    The Gravely dealer was an entirely different experience. They had nearly the entire line assembled and on the floor, were helpful in the extreme, gave me a catalog, and quoted me prices that were below MSRP.

    Obviously, the Gravely dealership wins that part of the contest hands-down. They also had a 13 hp Kawi twin wb w/ 36" fixed deck for 2,500. Is there going to be a noticeable (read that regrettable down the road) difference between the 13 and 15 hp? The dealer tells me that the 13 will have no problems whatsoever pulling a Velke. In fact, he claims a mower with an 8hp engine would do the job, but I am not so sure. The 36" deck poses no problem, as I can use it where the 48 won't fit.

    The only reason I hesitate on the Gravely is I've seen several posts about belt wear/fraying issues.

    Thanks for the help!

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