Scag or Hustler?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Southernlandscape343, Mar 4, 2010.

  1. Southernlandscape343

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    I went to bass pro the other day and Scag had a bunch of mowers on display. I talked with both Scag employees along with dealers themself. I was quite impressed in the entire line up that they have, not to mention the durability of the machines. It really seems like Scag does alot of testing before they put a product out on the market, and it also seems that they listen to their customer's feedback.
    I'm thinking about stepping it up to a 36" WB. I went to my nearest Scag dealer and they are also a Hustler dealer. I looked at the hustler, and also liked it alot too. I'm rather torn between the two. I like the Trimstar's design especially compared to the V-Ride that Scag offers (handle style).
    With the Trimstar I noticed right away that the very front of the deck was welded closed.. therefore not leaving a gap between the baffle itself and the front of the deck. I'm not sure if this would really affect the cut or not. Then again I like how Scag has the Advantage deck with the custom built baffle, that is adjustable.
    For a 09 never used Scag 36" WB with a 16hp Kawasaki (brand new condition) I could get it for $3100. However I am (if accepted.. which I should be) Going through the police academy from may-july which is mon-friday 8-5, so really I'd have two days a week to mow. With the econemy the way it is right now I am not sure what I should try to do. I recently repainted the deck of the ferris, I also played with the throttle a little bit and the engine sounds a bit better. I am going to check on the belt tension in just a minute to see if that is what is causing the cutting issue. In the mean time.. does anyone have experience with Scag/Hustler W/B mowers? What would you personally recommend?
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    Dont like the Hustler WB. Cant beat the Scag. Velocity deck is the best out there.
  3. Mike Blevins

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    I owned a scag 36 walk-behind for one season. I didn't put alot of hours on it but loved the machine. Scag walk-behinds are bullet proof. $3100 for an 09 Scag walk-behind is a great deal if its a hydro. Personally I wouldn't buy a belt drive after using the hydro.

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    We are a dealer for both Hustler and Scag. If your looking at the Vride then get it, its a sweet mower. If you want a hydro drive, go with the hustler, they are a great machine for the price. If you want belt drive then you have to go with scag since hustler does not have a belt drive. And for the price you quoted your looking at the belt drive scag, VS they hydro drive Hustler. So just decide what your needs are and go from there. You will be happy with either mower you choose.

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