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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by HPSInc, Mar 9, 2012.

  1. HPSInc

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    i just got off the phone with my dealer. the 36'' hyrdo fixed deck is 6,000 and the 36'' floating deck is 4400. whats up with that? i suspect its because the prov has the different steering and they want them gone. im not real happy with either of these choices......

    on a side note the 36'' vride is 6500 (only 500 more than a fixed deck walk behind)...seriously whats the deal here. i paid only 7000 for my 52'' vride brand new and thats not even in the same catagory of a 36'' fixed deck. so what gives with this pricing..i wanted to buy new i might have to look elsewhere than scag
  2. Green Machine Mowing

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    Our distributor is running specials on what stock they have left. My rep said they demo'd the $hit out of them and some guys liked the controls but most didn't. I think they are cutting their losses and dumping whatever inventory is left.
  3. chip25521

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    The 2 dealers I have close, which are both about 30 min away from me, have the 48 in fixed deck for $5200 and $5300. Its crazy how different locations can have such different prices. On another note, the pro v, is extremely low here. The 48 is $4499 and the 52 is $4599. Down here is Tennessee all we pretty much have is hills. The dealers say no one likes the pro v because you can't control it near as well on a hill.
  4. AmazingLawns

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    I paid $5860 plus tax for my 36" v-ride, but that was with the promo pricing they have going on till the end of March. All v-rides are supposed to be up to 20% off through March 31st.

    I agree with you, though, that their pricing doesn't make a lot of sense. For such a small difference in price, I would have gone with the 52" myself on the v-ride if I could have- I had to have the smaller size to get through some narrow gates we have here.
  5. HPSInc

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    yea there is no way i can justify 6 grand on a fixed deck 36'' hydro scag walk behind. and ive also read alot of guys not thrilled with the Pro-v controls so im not really feelin that either. i went poking around today while out working and saw a cub cadet 33'' and a toro 30'' time master but they were both like beefy home-owner mowers. i called my one scag dealer today and they have a trade in 36'' belt drive fixed deck for $800 but they got it from a company i used to work at so i know how beat that mower has gotta be. they also have some new gravely and some toro trade ins but i gotta go there and see. im just real dissapointed in my scag 36'' walk behind options right now. i havent really considered a new belt drive walk behind but i may have to if i wana stay scag.
  6. Buddy Buds

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    I bought the pro v 36 and so far I like it. Before I bought it I talked to the guys that use them on a mega church and they loved theirs. The place is a show case.
  7. HPSInc

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    just got off the phone with another scag dealer.

    36'' freedom walk behind 16hp belt drive fixed deck 3,000

    36'' kawi 16hp fixed deck belt drive 3800

    36'' hydo fixed deck 6000

    36'' pro-v hydro floating deck 4500.

    I might go check out some gravelys soon.
  8. djagusch

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    Not everyone can afford what they want.
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  9. HPSInc

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    thanks for the comment. but affording the mower is not the issue here. its about being happy with what im paying for. i know scag is unloading the pro-v by talking to dealers all day. and i think the pricing of it makes it obvious. if the pro-v had pistol grips and a 6k price tag id buy it and move on. because ideally id like hydro + floating deck. but the controls are a concern of mine at the moment. and i dont think 6k for a fixed deck 36'' is my money best spent. but doesnt mean i cant afford it.

    on a side note. another dealer just qouted 5600 for a 36' vride..
  10. djagusch

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    Then why go on here and complain about the price? It isn't news that they have a new w/b in the works replacing the pro v. They are not known to be a low dollar brand.
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