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    Just came back from lawn and garden show. Three local Scag dealers in attendance, only one had the pro V , a 17/48. Price was $5545. Said a 52/19 would run $5800. The 17/48 was for show only, didn't no for sure when he would have units for sale. I had decided on the pro V 52/19 because it was new , shiny and different. After talking to the salesman I don't know. Adjustable height deck is nice but a lot of added weight and moving parts. The controls also have a lot of moving linkages to make it all work. Lots more to tear up. The grips are heat sensing with a computer module to interface them with the rest of the mower. The dealer said there first demo would not run with gloves on. New computer fixed this problem. Backing the mower over a curb would be a major challenge. Bar mounted up high provides leverage to pull deck off ground but then your hands are not on the controls to allow you to reverse the mower. Requires a balancing act to reverse, one hand on controls, one on the high mounted bar all while trying to balance an approximately 600 lb mower. The dealer said it will have it's place but not sure of it yet. Based on what i seen i will be going next Friday to pick up a 52/19 fixed deck hydro:hammerhead:. The Pro V goes completely against the KISS principle and i think in commercial mowing the simpler the better. That is why the belt drive wb done so well for so long. Simple Simple Simple. Time will tell but for me i am going to stick with what i have had and what i know works.
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    I also attended the Expo this weekend and looked at the Pro-V. I agree with everything you said. I am still knocking around a walk-behind this upcoming year and if I do purchase one I think it will be the old tried and true model. For sure going to get a 61 29 dfi Tiger. But the walk is up in the air.
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    I was at the same show on Friday. I looked at the Pro-V at the GIE EXPO in Louisville, KY last year. Didn't get a chance to play with it though, the line was too long. Alpha Outdoor Power Equipment will be having their open house March 6, in Morristown. Not sure about the location (could be at the shop or at Panther Creek Park) give then a call to verify 423-581-4321. There you can play with it all you want, up and down hills, over curbs and what have you. They are also very knowledgeable about the mowers and can answer any and all questions, plus they usually have a Scag representative on site.

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