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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Duncan IN, Jul 29, 2001.

  1. Duncan IN

    Duncan IN LawnSite Member
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    I currently own a scag 27 HP mower and I was wondering what other owners have to say about the mowers. What is the main problem that they are having with the mowers. What I have noticed with the scags is that they have choose a good motor that will last, but the hydros seem week and the deck becomes uneven after some use. I am not hard on my mowers so the deck problem is not my fault. Any suggestions I would apprieciate.
  2. awm

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    sorry ,best i can tell you is to hit the search mode .
    mabe the scag is so much heavier that these pumps have trouble withum. kinda doubt that though.others have had similar complaints lately though. i would hope they put in a simple system to level the decks. think im going to make a point to demo one so i can look for the potential problems.
    never know i may end up riding one home:)
  3. Eric ELM

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    You just posted in this post that Scag is the best mower made yesterday. Did you read all the replies to your post there?

    Here is a search on Scag with 121 threads as a result.

    I only know of one crew that uses Scag and they drive 50 miles one way to the job. The next time I see them pushing their new Turf Tiger on the trailer again, I'll ask them what the problems they are having with theirs. Since I see them push the one on the trailer, I do know they are having problems or they would be driving it on the trailer.

    MIDSOUTH LawnSite Senior Member
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    I bought a scag last year and a wheel motor went bad at 70 hrs and now at 400 hrs the motors all messed up, I enjoy my 27hp lazer I bought a couple of weeks ago. But Scag is the best like you always say-HaHa- just kidding-LOL's. Hope it works out for you. I'm going to keep running mine when it gets of the shop I guess.
  5. JLC

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    from IA
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    Go back and search some of the treads I've posted. I've had a wheel motor, a hydro pump, and a wheel hub on the right side. Just had the frame crack at the weld holding the front caster on. The standard deck wont discharge well. To top it off the left side drive system is on its way out. Mine only has 365 hours on it. I will not buy another one even if I got a deal on it. If the local dealer impresses me as much as the Hustler guys at the Expo my next machine will be a 72" Hustler Super Z and 54" Hustler walkbehind.
  6. Duncan IN

    Duncan IN LawnSite Member
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    I know scag is not the best, I prefer it over the other mowers but It does have it's problems. I had problems with my hydro's being week and had one blow I traded it the next day for the 27 horse and bigger seat. I was just giving some people a hard time about them being the best.
  7. jandmlandscaping

    jandmlandscaping LawnSite Member
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    i have a 27hp-61" tiger
    which i have added the first hydro cooler to and that has resulted in much improvement in "hot" hill climbing and control...
    now if only there was more weight on the rear tires so i could get some traction!!!! anyone else getting this problem?
    i have tried everything... then i used my dealers sabertooth demo
    and saw the light... check out how the engine im farther back!!
    hmmm i wonder if this is why the sabertooth feels like its got cleats on??? same tires,,,same air pressure,,, more weight!!
    also notice how your seat is blocked from going back as far as the old kohler 25's do ,,, add a radiator and move the operator foward???? bad idea scag!!! so my recent improvement is to add 100lbs to the rear of the mower and see if that helps...
    i will keep you posted and appreciate any comments,questions,ideas, and other bs you guys want to tell me!
    thanks john
  8. tralfaz

    tralfaz LawnSite Member
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    I have a Turf Tiger 25 h.p. liquid cooled Kawasaki that has had the hydro pumps go out four seperate times. It has a little over 1,000 hours on it. Other than this reoccurring annoyance, it has been a pretty good mower. How much does this hydro cooler cost? Are there two- one for each pump or just one?
  9. JLC

    JLC LawnSite Senior Member
    from IA
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    Yes, please expand on the oil cooler addition. What brand, where you mounted it, etc. You also mentioned more control. Could you elaborate on these findings. Sounds like a GOOD upgrade for the weak hydros.
  10. EJK2352

    EJK2352 LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Are you running synthetic oil in your hydro system??? If not I would suggest doing it. The hydro pumps & motors are close to if not the same as Exmarks. I worked for a company that had 13 Lazers some with over 2000 hrs. on them. We had ZERO hydro problems. I feel that the lack of problems is because of Exmarks use of Mobil 1 15w-50 synthetic in their hydro systems. I have a lawn service in my area that runs a Scag Turf Tiger and has had to replace 2 pumps and 2 wheel motors on their machine. Their Turf Tiger has around 1000 hrs on it.:) ED

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