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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Orkin Yards, Nov 26, 2001.

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    a while back my mowe drove off a curb and messed up the center spindle, tightnin the bolts (and breaking a few in the process) reduced some of the abnormal vibrations i was getting, but it is still not feeling like it should so i need to get it fixed, i noticed that the spindle assemblies for the newer scags ( i have a 1999 scag 48 belt drive w/b) are about $80-110 more than the older modeled spindles, first off what is the difference? and second off what is most likely causing my vibrations? because i'd rather fix just the problem instead of replacing the whole thing, if it were the $50 spindle i'd just replace it but i wanted some input first...
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    Well, just what is damaged?

    Did you physically bend the spindle shaft/bolt?
    Bend the deck plate?
    Crack a spindle housing?
    Ruin a blade?
    Break spindle housing bolts?
    There are a few things here that all can cause the symptoms you describe.

    As for the newer spindle assemblys, they have tapered roller bearings instead of ball bearings.

    You need to give us some more info.
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    Didn't you post this exact same thread a month ago or so?
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    Flex, I was just thinking the same exact thing after I (sp?)

    Orkin, also take out the blade bolts and roll on your kitchen counter. They must be straight! Depending on if/where they are bent, you may also have bent the spindle itself.
  5. Orkin Yards

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    last time i checked i didn't have that many replys, sorry should have looked back it, i checked it and i think it has the info i need...sorry you can clos this post or delted or whatever
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    Let us know the answers to my questions. Don't just leave us hanging.
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    Your post was something about straightening it, and we were telling you what and what NOT to do to straighten it, if I'm thinking of the right thread. Also, the reason for the price difference on the spindle is this. It's the same with Gravely, and several other manufacturers. They are going to a sealed unit, that takes no regular greasing, and is easier and cheaper (in the long run) to replace. Unfortunately, they are a bit more expensive.

    Nope! Here's the thread I was thinking of. I guess it WASN'T you.:rolleyes:

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