Scag STHM rider.Are they close to the level of a Lazer?

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Almost all the guys in town use these mowers for commercial and industrial jobs.I demo'd one I liked how it ran.From what I have seen these mowers could be what I use to put my foot in the commercial market.I know that they have a good cut and are fast.....maby not as fast as a laser.And that is what got me thinking!What do you guys think about these mowers?I know that becouse they use a 3 weel system they would not be quite as fast as a zero turn mower but from what I have seen thet can really whip.Or are these mowers out of date?The only other mower I have been thinking about is the lazer.I own Walkers now but I don't want to use them for commercial use.What are your guys thoughts on this mower??????????????????<p>From:Adam<p>AB Lawn Care<p>P.S. if you don't know what the scag sthm is,it is scag's 3 wheeled rider.<p>


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Adam, I would not recommend getting something like that, you will want to be versatile and having something as big as that will limit trailer space, and limit your production. If I were going to buy new equipment to break into the commercial market it would be a ztr of some sort. You don't want a dedicated machine that you have to leave on the trailer because you can't get it in a residential lawn.<p>Homer's opinion


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Adam, I've got a sthm, also an exmark turf ranger, and a bunton bhr(all 3 wheelers) I personally like the out front deck over a midmount mower beause of the ease of mowing under fences, trees, and other obstacles. They do take more trailer space, but I can get all three machines on a 20 foot trailer. Their one draw back is probably their poor ride as you sit directly over the rear wheel, but I've learned to live with it. All three machines are very dependable and I would recommend any or all of them. MHO ,Lynn


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In answer to your question. NO. I also have Walkers love them. Have seen Scag results and Lazer results both on site and in the shop. I would go Lazer in a heartbeat.


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I have used both exmarks and scags.<br>both mowers i think are excellent.<br>theyre not good for small residential areas but are great in the bigger areas.<br>i looked at the lazers and theyre to pricey and upkeep is more than the other two.<br>but hey, its really up to the person sitting or riding the mower to make that decision.

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