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  1. Titans Fan

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    I'm thinking about buying a used Scag STHM - 61" w/25HP Kohler for $3,000. It has 900 hours. Looks great, sounds great and mows great.
    Last year I used a brand new Exmark Lazer Z - 52" with 23HP Kohler with cannister air filter (which is awesome).
    I'm thinking about a new Scag Tiger Cub - 48" with 19HP Kawasaki - priced one about $5800.00.
    Give me your thoughts on what to buy.
    The used unit, another Exmark or a Cub.
    I know that all 3 units are good. Just wanted your thoughts!

  2. bayfish

    bayfish LawnSite Senior Member
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    Personally...I would'nt pay 3K for the Scag with 900 hours on it. It's a little outdated in my opinion. Since you tried the Lazer and liked it, you should go with that or something similar. I like the HustlerZ. You can check to see if there is a dealer nearby. The new Toros are getting rave reviews on this site. Good luck
  3. Sam-Ohio

    Sam-Ohio LawnSite Senior Member
    from Ohio
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    Isn't it real hilly around Mayfield ?

    That STHM isn't a real good unit for someone that needs to mow hillsides or banks.

    On the other hand, the Scag Tiger Cub is terrific on hills. Very stable and sure footed.
    If this is a new 2004 Tiger Cub [not a left over 2003] look under the mower deck and see the FRONT baffle. See how this baffle can be adjusted up or down to acomadate tall weedy lots, or normal lawn. Also see the little steel lip that now sticks under the edge. This little lip is right between the arc of the blades. Scag has put it there to stop air from blowing out and causing leaves to blow away from you or tall soft fescue to lay over and not mow good. They figured out that the air was being rolled and whipped out by the blade tips as they passed each other in the opposite direction. This small short baffle ledge directs this air back UNDER the mower - ta da ! no more front end blow out of air.

    If you have read this site for a while, you know this blow out is an agravating problem to lots of people, especially in the fall doing leaves. So the 2004 Scags mowers have two little baffles that make a big improvement in their air movement under the deck.
  4. mag360

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    A few guys use STHM's around here and, although I would like to have one myself for doing large hills, I noticed that the track from that center steering wheel really messes up the stripes and makes the lawn look really busy when they are done.
  5. FrankenScagMachines

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    from IN
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    I don’t recall seeing a whole lot of striping in Kentucky, but for what it’s worth here is a pic of my lawn I did with my Scag STHM 61” back when I had one. It was a 22hp Kohler old deck design. Did just fine even in tall grass. 22hp wasn’t enough power for double blades, but 25 will probably do ok with doubles as long as the lawn isn't real tall.. This is cut at 3.5 or 4” not sure. It striped very well in true Scag fashion and this is the worst the third wheel ever made the lawns look, usually it wasn’t too visible. It all depends on your grass types though. Up here we have tall Fescue, Rye and Kentucky Bluegrass mix with lots of weeds in the lawns too. This mower is good if you have hills and/or lots of trees with low branches. Not good on small properties as a mid mount or walk behind can out-maneuver it, and on large properties a mid mount’s extra speed will beat it also. I did like it, but it really didn’t save me much time over the 52” w/b with sulky on my properties. Again, I suggest the mid mount unless you have lot of hills or trees. Since it has the 25hp it’s probably a pretty new model or the engine has been replaced. Either way IMO it may be worth $3k. Mine was a ’96 with 700 some hours on it. Bought it this year for $2600 and sold it for $3350 about a month and a half later. Maybe that will give you an idea as to how much it would be worth.

  6. Titans Fan

    Titans Fan LawnSite Member
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    thanks for your help!!!
  7. edward hedrick

    edward hedrick LawnSite Senior Member
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    I have a 99 Sthm w a 22 Koh. If yours has a 25 its a replacement.

    Ive got about 1000 hrs . Can be seen in Turf north April 03.

    My only complaint its a fixed deck. Difficult to raise heights on the job. I like it doing leaves. Can be driven fwd and back to blow leaves. Ed
  8. floridalawncare

    floridalawncare LawnSite Member
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    ahaaaa! sam has too discovered the goodness of scag's unique turbo baffle described above. this cuts down on the cycloning effect associated with other baffle designs and give the air flow more of an updraft which keeps the grass were it belongs. in the blades. check out wear parts on your cub also. on your tensioner arms you'll find bearings in scag's. other people still use bushings to mount tensioner arms to their pivot points. tappered rollers in wheels too? yup. scag offers the best bearing set up on the market. toro is the only one that comes close to scag in the bearing category
  9. proenterprises

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    i personally am all for the scag 3wheelers. This summer, it was my main machine before we got our other exmark lazer.

    on the wide open yards, its a nice cruise. the ride is alot smoother and much less bouncing around than if you were on a Z. teh third theel where you ride really takes a load off.

    on small yards, it is do-able, but a little more tricky. Their is alot of back and forth and you cant turn as easy. but it is good if you have trees or obstacles you need to cut under.

    all in all-good machine, i would but it in a heart beat.

    good luck!
  10. pjslawncare/landscap

    pjslawncare/landscap LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Actually, I have many steep sloped yards and Ive' been using STHMs for 8 or 9 years on them. I hang way over to the uphill side and they can tackel slopes almost as well as my walk behinds do. Plus they stripe fine and looks real good.

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