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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Mowman, Dec 28, 1999.

  1. Mowman

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    Any owner/operators using this machine? If so how do you like it? Thanks for your input on this subject.
  2. bamaturfguy

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    I have 1000+ hrs on one right now. I have the 48" deck with the 18hp. It was my first ztr and I like the machine well, it makes a very nice cut. What it doesn't do is mulch good or travel much faster than a rider. It will increase your production 2 fold over a standard rider simply because it is a ztr, but if you are going to make an investment in a commercial mower I suggest you demo everything on the market first. If I had done this it would not have been my first choice, the choppers that I own now would have been! I am having some problems with heavy tracking out of the Scag. I have also had a conversation with another owner that has had the same problem. Scag said the problem might be stretched axle bolts? What I am experiencing is inner tire wear, so bad I had to replace the tires with a lot of good tread left on 75% of the tires. If anyone else has had this type of problem with their Scag Super Z let me know.
  3. Turfy

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    Leave the Skag SuperZ for the homeowner, durability just wasn't in the plan...look at the Skag Turf Tiger or Grasshopper has a new mid mount ztr that looks promising (My Grasshopper front mount ztr has held up well!). <br>
  4. puppypaws

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    What is a Skag Super Z

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