scag superz or GD surfer


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The scag with 1100 hrs 16hp briggs or the GreatDane Surfer with a 18 HP Briggs only one year old (very clean). The Scag goes for $2,600 and the Surfer for $4100.

Looking to buy ASAP. Let me know your thoughts.



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Va Beach,Va
In my area i have seen more Great Danes in the shop than on lawns working. Ide go with the Scag.

little green guy

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Scags junk, go with the surfer. I realy like the surfers but alott of people that only use them a little don't. Once you use them a while and see what they can do you love it. the great danes cut real nice too. my scag cuts like crap, unless it got an advantage deck than it's ok, I'd go with the surfer