scag temp. guage inop.

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by bbillymac, May 28, 2013.

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    HI all, I have a 2007 scag wildcat with an inop temp gauge. Machine model # is B5601368 with a Kawasaki FD731V 26 hp v-twin 4 stroke liquid cooled motor. I mow with this machine regularly. I know I'm playing with fire running it this way. But the machine is running beautifully and not currently overheating.

    If I pull the temp. sending unit wire, and run a jumper from it to ground, should the gauge peg when key turned if the gauge is good? (And, conversely I guess, not budge if the gauge is bad?)

    I guess my basic question is, how to I tell if it's the gauge or the sending unit.

    (I say it's must be one of these cause mower is not currently overheating. I can here somebody out there saying, "How can you tell if it's overheating if the guage is inop???? Well, it never smells hot and has not blown up!) :usflag:

    Thanks, Bill in Indy
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    Yes..... If not check for power to the gauge, If power is present replace the gauge.....

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