Scag Tiger Cat 2 problem and dealership question


The dealer I bought it from said they were 2 weeks out and I explained I have about 40 properties I take care of and I can not go without a mower that long. They said they can’t give me a loaner so I feel stuck
This was something I made sure of before purchasing my mower. The last time mine broke down I got a brand new one to use because he didn't have a demo.

He sold it within 2 weeks.


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I hear ya, unfortunately I couldn’t get them to do that. They’re great guys there and don’t want to bad mouth them, I had done some calling and SCAG said that everyone in my area had to sell their demos because they couldn’t get any stock. Which to me sounded silly because you would think they would know they would need those to loan out but at the same time they didn’t have as much money coming in for sales being low since they had no stock.

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