Scag Tiger Cub 48"???


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Altoona, Florida
I bought one earlier this year from a home owner. It had 246 hrs 19hp kaw but it needed a new seat and paid $3300. I put a mulch kit on it and I like it better than my 52 wildcat.I know I got a good deal on mine. I have seen them offered around here between 4 & 5 grand. Good luck on getting it.


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Spicewood, Texas
I am geting ready to call to go check it out. I have never even driven a zero turn. Anything in particular that I should be looking for? Do you all take units to the dealer before you buy?? How much did you pay to put the mulch kit on? Thanks.

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Tampa FL
I got the exact same mower. Originally bought it as a backup but it runs circles around my DC. They are tough, reliable and easy to work on. They are fast and it takes a little getting used too, the controls are sensitive. That price is very fair.:usflag: