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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by Junior M, May 8, 2013.

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    Got a buddy that offered me a scag tiger cub with a 48in cut.

    Has a new motor and hydraulic pump. It doesn't have even 50 hours on all that new stuff.

    He bought it used, with I think 450 hours on it. It's in great shape over all. Never been repainted. Still has the plastic chute on the deck..

    What's a good deal on this kind of mower?

    He told me I could have it for $2800. Trying to do my research before jumping..
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  2. Junior M

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    Double post
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    Sounds about like the deal I got! Mine is a cub also, 3 years old, 320 hours, 21 hp kohler paid 2800. Great mower starts every time and cuts pretty good. Only sketchy thing about your deal is why did his motor only last 450 hrs? Also after about 2-3 months of looking through classifieds, the deal I found was the best by far In my area. Most identical mowers were going for 2-3 thousand more.
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