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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by MTR, Jun 5, 2004.

  1. MTR

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    Hi, folks, are anyone of you using the Scag Tiger Cub 52/23 or 25?
    I went to a dealer a few days looking at Hustler Z 52/23 and Supermini Z 52/25, the dealer said not much about the Hustler but tried to push the Scag rider on me, like saying he got a rider better than Hustler line, then starting his Scag campaign. I kind a set back and listened while he shifted focus from Hustler to Scag and said why Scag is better ....deck, build, such and such.
    Well, I need input from true or current owner of Tiger Cubs.
    Please give some experience...
  2. Shady Brook

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    from Indiana
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    I have owned a Tiger, and currently own a Cub 52/23. The Cub is a good machine, it is made well, cuts very nice, is quick, and holds a hill pretty well.

    I have demoed a Hustler Z, and found it to cut every bit as well as my cub, and likely better in certain conditions. It is made stronger in every perceptable way. It seems to be designed better in many ways, ie. Parking break in the levers, easy to maintain, and some other things that now escape me. The Super Z will be way faster then the Cub, it holds hills better then any Z I have ever used, and on par with any walkbehind in that regard.

    I like my Cub, but my honest opinion is: The dealer either is ill informed about the machines, thinks Orange is alot prettier, or has a vested financial interest in your purchasing Scag.

    2 Year warrenty Hustler... 1 year with some items 2 year Scag.

    The decision would be obvious to me. I wish you luck.

  3. grass_cuttin_fool

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    I have a cub with a 48'' and a 20hp kohler. I like the mower very well, one of the main selling points for me was the tapered bearings in the deck spindles. If I had it to do over again I would of got the dealer to get me a kawasaki engine, I just like the kawa power better. Another selling point on the cub was the ease of changing a deck belt if need be, very simple and not many wrenches needed for it
  4. Wasuellc

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    I have a 52" cub with 24/honda. It works great.

  5. I agree with the conclsions of my friend jay ...i to have owned the cub and demoed a hustler ....hustler is the better of the two machines ...only reason i didnt get one is to far from me and toro brought out the 500 series turboforce deck zmasters .
    The 23 /52 cub compared very well with my 52 lazer z hp ...and id say was built better then the hp series from exmark....the lazer hp striped better though even without a roller .
  6. chimmygew

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    My first mower was a 52/23 tiger cub. Have owned a Scag ever since with no regrets.....
  7. jt5019

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    I have a scag 48" walk behind and a 48 tiger cub ztr love them both.Built very strong, cutswell..Scag has a three year cutter deck warranty 3-year spindle warranty and 2-year commercial machine warranty according to the website.

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