scag tiger cub and doubles

bart may

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I just got my new 19/48 tiger cub. We are just starting mowing this year so the grass wasn't very deep. I found that it was blowing out chunks of grass even though it wasn't that deep. I took off the baffle system to accomodate deeper grass and still had some trouble. Would doubles solve this problem? I don't know if it just the new lush growth or something else. I'm trying this mower instead of my toros which don't clump at all in deep stuff. I was hoping that the scag would produce finer clippings though, which I can see it already does. Any advice on the clumping problem would be appreciated.


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Hummm, my Cub 48/20kohler cuts just fine, no clumps, blows out a big stream of shavings with no clumps?

I want to mulch so I got a chute block and some gator blades comming, curious how that will do.

I could measure my baffle set up If you like?

Shady Brook

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When it is wet and tall, there ain't much you can do. In the Spring, it can be pretty wet even when not wet to the touch. Doubles should help, but they aint no miricle worker. What blades are you running? I think highlifts do the best job, or the highlift offset's used on Bobcat's. I have to give PJ credit for the last one. Double high's work best for me on my cub, but you may have power problems with doubles in heavy grass with your mower and deck configuration.

I wish you well

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