Scag Tiger Cub and SWZ - match height?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by onelegjohn, Apr 26, 2005.

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    I have a Tiger Cub and a hydro walk behind. Both 48". Both advantage decks. 17HP Kawi on the WB. Should the cuts match? Last year I had a hard time with the WB. This year I raised the 3-bolt pattern of the deck up to the highest position. When I removed the deck and raised it up a notch, I assumed the bolts would draw the deck into position... is there any play in the bolt pattern? I don't know if I was on a level surface...

    Back to the blades...

    I have 4 spacers between the blade and spindle. The blades on both machines are perfectly matched now (even the pitch) - about 3/8" from bottom of deck. Will this work? Thanks.
  2. onelegjohn

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    Nobody has had this problem.... Man there has to be a solution.
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    I don't have the advantage decks, but have been running SCAG w/b's for quite a few years.

    Why they come from the factory setup in the center hole is beyond me.

    What I did was to lay two 4x4 pieces of lumber on the garage floor. Allow these to squarely support the deck only. Then remove deck mounting bolts and mount in the upper holes. Then I went and got a hyd. floor jack before tightening them and jacked up the rear engine deck level. Then tightened the bolts and nuts real tight.

    This should allow 3 under, 1 over on your caster arms for a proper pitch, with 4 under with a slight upward pitch, and 2 & 2 being a downward pitch. Then adjust the blade spacers according to the height you want.

    Oh, you can play around with tire pressure some to fine tune a bit.
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    Beautiful - just beautiful. exactly what I was looking for.

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