Scag Tiger Cub/Hustler Mini-Z,SuperMini-Z

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Roger, Mar 11, 2006.

  1. Roger

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    I plan to attend an dealer open house late next week. The dealer sells both Scag and Hustler.

    Of consideration:

    Scag Tiger Cub
    48" deck, 19hp Kaw
    48" deck, 23hp Kohler
    52" deck, 23hp Kaw

    Mini-Z, 52" deck, 19hp Kaw
    SuperMini-Z, 52" deck, 25 Kaw

    I think he also has the Hustlers in 48" deck, but wasn't given info on those.

    What contrasts and comparisons should I make between these machines when I have them side-by-side? I'm interested in specifics between these offerings, not bringing other manufacturers into the mix. In other words, are there any strengths of one that is a weakness of the others that I should examine more closely? Yes, I've read many threads and everybody likes the one they bought (or nearly everybody). That does not help. Obviously, somebody who has both in their equipment list can provide the best assessment.

    I would really like to add a JD 727A in the mix, but I'm concerned about the dealer. The dealer with the open house is a large dealer for commercial mowing equipment, and related equipment, but the location is about 50 miles away. The JD dealer is only about 15 miles away, but deals primarily in ag equipment, and the commercial mowing equipment is almost a sidelight, only to round out their line of equipment. Most likely, any machine would be ordered in because of the lack of general interest in ZTR mowers. This is not the case with the other dealer (w/ Scag and Hustler).

    Maybe my concern is moot. I've had an Exmark for nine seasons, and never had it back to the dealer.

    I am solo with most properties of 0.5 to 2.0 acres, about 42-45 customers. I could use a ZTR on about 30 of the properties, but only exclusively on about 8 of them. I would hope the customer count would increment by 6-8 customers with the addition of the ZTR, and choosing the right kind of properties. I hope this help with the context of the intended acquisition.

    I was considering a 52" w/b with sulky, or 48" or 52" stand-on machine, but have abandoned that idea.

  2. Envy Lawn Service

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    I like both of those brands.

    But I tend to lean towards the Tiger Cubs for performance because I do not believe the small Hustlers got the deck updates.
  3. grass_cuttin_fool

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    MY dealer sells both hustler and scag. I have a 48'' 20hp kohler. The day I tested them out, he has a hill to try both on behind the dealership. The scag seemed to handle the hill a little better, not enough to pick one over the other. The main thing that sold me were the greasable fittings and the heavy duty construction of the Scag.

  4. Roger

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    I did go to the open house today. I was able to see the Scag Tiger Cub, 19 Kaw/48" machine next to the Hustler 23 Kaw/52" mower. I believe I have discarded the Hustler from further consideration. I really like what I saw with the Scag.

    Also, I discarded the 24hp B&S ELS promo model that Scag has on the market. I believe I would rather stay with a known quantity of the Kaw engine, an engine for which parts are easily available.

    The Hustler is lower price, but it appears to be built well, good features, etc. However, two items that put it second on the list: (1) depth of mowing deck, (2) width of discharge chute. I have read so many threads on LS from current Hustler owners speaking about the good quality of cut, how well the deck does, etc, but the capacity of the Scag deck seems so much greater. Maybe I'm really wrong about this point and have used a wrong basis to make a good decision.

    Now for the other twist ... The dealer is a long distance away. When I started out, I didn't think the drive should be bad. However, after more than an hour driving, I really began to think if I wanted to make trips to this dealer (except an annual trip for maintenance parts). I have a hard time seeing myself taking the Scag to them for a simple adjustment, or to rectify some problem. I may have discarded both Scag and Hustler IF I would have realized this is the closest place to find these mowers. However, having invested in the research, and seeing what I like in the Scag, maybe I'm foolish NOT to proceed, despite the inconvenience of getting to/from the dealer. I had never been to this dealer before and was VERY impressed with what I saw. It is the largest dealer I have seen in these parts, save one other. They sell other turf equipment, most notably golf course equipment. I believe they have the marks of a good dealer, and I felt good about the person who spoke with me (I had seen him at a trade show two weeks ago).

    With my concern about the dealer distance, the John Deere comes to life again, the 717A model. There are many similarities between the Scag Tiger Cub and JD 717A. But, there are differences too, the 7 Iron II deck being the largest. I think the Scag spindles are very good, it is a good "from the ground up" machine. I think the width of the discharge chute on the 717A is large, juts like the Scag.

    The JD dealer is located much closer to me, but deals primarily in ag equipment. Commercial mowers is only a "fill out the line" of equipment issue, I think. I have not received a final price for the JD, but I believe it will be somewhat higher than the Scag. JD only orders machines after the buyer makes a decision on these models. They sell very few commercial mowers.

    Any thoughts about my situation?
  5. Envy Lawn Service

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    Well, when you are trying to make a living with your equipment, I think the last thing you want to have to do is be "second fiddle" if you have to come in for a repair.

    You might just want to go get the Scag... or if the distance is that much of an issue, start from scratch. You might need to consider other brands to get a mower that will fit your needs from a close by commercial dealer.

    Surely you have more choices available to you. Why not explore them?
  6. MTR

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    What are out the door prices for these mowers? Would you mind?

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