scag tiger cub or sub out?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by realtor, Mar 27, 2003.

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    Here’s my story, any help or feedback would be greatly appreciated.
    Lot sizes:
    100 X 200
    75 X 160
    100 X 160
    77 X 128
    50 X 142
    58 X 125
    42 X 160
    50 X 125
    These are single-family homes and apartments I manage. It looks like I may pick up 1 more this year. I want to keep lawn care to 1 day a week. Duties include cut, trim, pull weeds, trim bushes, pick up cig. Buts, beer cans, spring/fall clean up. Chem. treatment by someone else. They are all very well kept. I cut them with a 21” in 2001. Ugly… Last year “2002” purchased a Exmark TTHP 48” WB, great mower but I’m located in Ohio and the heavy rain “fast growth” last year, coupled with fall leaf clean up was ugly. Not able to cut every 3-5 days I think I bagged 95% of the time last year. The bagging with a grass gobbler was a killer. Many times it would rain or I’d get a day or 2 behind and face bagging 7-8” grass. Most are in older neighborhoods with a lot of leaves also. I found that bagging looked best even with shorter cuts.

    Thinking about the Tiger Cub ztr 48” with spindle bagger. $5999+bag

    Called my local dealer and talked about trade. I’m taking a hit but I think its my only option besides subbing them out. With this bunch of small properties I’ve had trouble with several LCO’s in the $25 to $35 per cut (more for the bigger two) I was always calling them for missed cutting, no trimming, mowed trash, weed wake to dirt, one guy trimmed with round-up. They all gave me the 20 minute cut, including load time.

    Are those properties to small for a 48”ztr? Tight trimming with the 21”.
    Can I make those tight turns without damage to lawn? I went to dealer and ran one around in their demo area. Made a few spots but with practice I might be able to pull it off. But 895 lbs. plus driver, plus grass/bagger sure seems heavy.
    Any feedback on that bagger?

    Up for sale?
    2002 Exmark TTHP 48” 17hp Kaw. Elect. Start, mulch kit, grass gobber, Almost new:}
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    I don't have a ZTR yet, but my plans are a Scagg 48", I'll keep my 36" W/B just for lawns that won't except the ZTR.. I feel the 48" is the perfect for my situation... Good Luck..

    :cool: Lou

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