Scag Tiger Cub Problem

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by Gabby, Aug 30, 2010.

  1. Gabby

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    I have a 2005 48" Scag Tiger Cub with a 19 HP Kawasaki motor with approximately 140 hours on it. It runs perfectly fine for a while and then will start to spit and sputter for a bit and then go back to running fine again. To me it acts like it is running out of gas. I replaced the fuel filter but still does the same thing. I have been using the mower all season and it just all of a sudden started doing this. Any ideas or common problems you guys have been seeing with these mowers? Suggestions what to check? Thanks.
  2. 1993lx172

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    It may be trying to vapor lock on you, but if it was it wouldn't be building up pressure then releasing it after a while it would just stop or not vapor lock. I would also look at the ignition system because on the 14hp Kawasaki in my Lx172 when my ignition module went bad it would run fine for half an hour to an hour then cut out like I ran out of gas, it would sit a while then be fine for a while then do it again. Try asking in the repair section.
  3. DanielC

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    The 19 hp kawasaki needs the air cleaner " clean".Try cleaning the foam cover real good and new paper filter.I have the same rig and I check it weekly.
  4. Shasta Lake Landscaping

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    You may also have debris in the pick up line, pull the lines, blow then out, pull the tanks, clean them out. I suspect this because of the low hours over 5years.
  5. Zivman

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    check your fuel cap... might not be venting
  6. Daily Lawn/Landscape

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    Have you taken the carb bowl off to see if there is dirt or water in it. If nothing there it might be the ECM. Good luck,
  7. ALC-GregH

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    from PA
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    That's a great suggestion. If there's water in the bowl then chances are the fuel tanks have water in them.

    Does it act the same way with both tanks?
  8. Gabby

    Gabby LawnSite Member
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    Some more info. I opened the drain in the bottom of the fuel bowl and drained the bowl. Did not see anything. Started it up and it ran fine for the rest of mowing my lawn. Next time out - same thing again. I also thought maybe fuel cap vents, so I ran it with both caps loose - Same thing again. And yes it does it no matter which tank I am running on. I am thinking maybe the needle in the carb is sticking some. Before pulling carb, would fuel injector cleaner help at all you think? I am going to double check the air cleaner. Thanks.
  9. Gabby

    Gabby LawnSite Member
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    Tonight I pulled the air filter out and the inside filter is nice and white. The outside filter I could see through with a light but I blew it out with compressed air and some dust did come out. I had cleaned it at the beginning of the season. While I was at it I pulled the carb. I did not see anything in it. Nice and clean. Put it back on, choked it and it started right up after a few cranks. To dark to try it out tonight so when I get a chance I will run it and see how it runs. Any other suggestions are welcome. Someone mentioned the ignition module. Where is that located? Thanks.
  10. 1993lx172

    1993lx172 LawnSite Bronze Member
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    On mine it's on the same side as the oil fill/dip stick, it's a little bigger than a postage stamp with a wire coming out the bottom of it. Mine is a 1991 14hp on a John Deere. I have no experience at all with Scag so I don't know where it would be on yours, but the symptom sounds similar to what mine did. Following the wires coming in and out of the coil should lead you to it.

    That might not be the problem, when it starts acting up, immediately shut it down and check to see if you are getting good spark. With mine it was about a half hour-forty five minutes of run time before it would start acting up, so maybe the engine heat has something to do with it, like a red flag letting you know it's going out.

    If you are then don't bother with it.

    If you go down to the maintenance and repair section Restorob or whatever his screen name is should be able to help you.

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