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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by sunny, Nov 12, 2003.

  1. sunny

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    Hey guys! I need some help on a purchase I want to make. I need another rider for next season, so I started to due some searching today. I went to my local dealer (great guy, great service) and he showed me a 2003 tiger cub demo he is looking to unload. Some of the features are a 24 hp Honda, 52 inch deck, the 3 bag collection system, machine is in the low 20 hr range, and a full warranty. He gave me a price of $8500. Good, bad, too high or low?? Any users? :confused:
  2. Jimbo

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    I think it is a bit high for an end of year purchase of a used mower.
    That mower when new should run around $7K + $1500.00 for the bagger, which is what they are asking for it used at the end of the season. How much would they give you trade-in if you bought that new, and put 20 hours on it? I would offer $7K and tell them to call you when they get tired of storing it this winter.

  3. G-father

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    I'm not sure what the clam bagger cost. My guess is 1800. It depends how bad you need it. I don't think your going to get it for 7000. This demo does not have many hours on it. Look it over really close. A lot of times people driving these demo models don't care about the machine and beat the piss out of them. It's almost worse than buying a used machine except you know it was maintained well.

    I remember seeing a thread that a 61in 25hp tiger cub went for 7000 new. I would say w/20 hours and a smaller deck I would try to get the mower for 6300 and the bagger for 1300-1400.

    I would shoot for a price of ~7650.

    Most demo's I have looked at have 100-120 hours and are marked off 500-1000 less than new models at any given time of the year.
  4. Grass King

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    I just purchased a new 2003 61" Scag Turf Tiger for 7850.00.

    The price he is asking for the demo seems to be on the high side. The bag for it, runs around 1800 to 2000. It depends on were you get it.
  5. floridalawncare

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    i was also quoted 7800 and something on a 61" 24hp honda cub a few weeks ago. i think the 52 was about 7300. it doesn't sound like he's giving you much break on price. don't let the sales pitch "it has the same warranty as a new get ya either." even if it makes it through the warranty period trouble free, you still have a machine with extra hours. this means you'll buy a belt sooner, lower re-sale, and everything that comes with putting time on a machine. i'am very impressed with the machine's features though. were else can you get adjustable baffles, and roller bearing wheels and spindles for this kind of money? good luck!:D
  6. tx_angler

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    I bought a 2002 52" Scag Cub (23 Kaw. & full factory warranty) Demo, from a dealer in Oklahoma, with 71 hours in September for $5,895 without the bagger.

    If I were you I'd check back with your dealer closer to the end of his fiscal year and see if he REALLY wants to unload it or pay tax on it and watch it get older sitting on his showroom floor. Our winters are a lot shorter here in Texas than in NY but to me it makes more sense to keep rolling the dice for a better deal during the winter than to have that machine and your money sitting idle in the shop all winter. You just might find a better deal next week!

    Just my $.02

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