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Scag Tiger Owners


LawnSite Member
Did anyone get the new mulch master kit put on there deck? I was looking at the scag website, those new blades look like they will do some serisous sherding. Looks like an Exmark blade with gator fins. Would like some feed back if anyone has one on?


LawnSite Senior Member
stick- i really appreciate the info-i will be ording one tommorrow,the problem is with my dealer-he never updates me when something like this comes out-he knows i mulch everything-i guess that is why if someone elso does not start dealing in them i will have to go exmark on the next ztr i buy.


LawnSite Gold Member
Would this work on the older Super Z model? What type of blade is this? Can I see it on their web site?



LawnSite Fanatic
The blades do look interesting! What is the length 20.5 or 21" ? Will they fit an Exmark 60" Lazer? How is the lift? How about the Marbane blades? Whats the story with them? Scag needs to advertise these advancements better. Both online and in print.