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    Hey guys, I am in the process of purchasing equipment for a new business, and I am stuck on these 2 mowers. Local dealer has the Husqvarna pzt 48 for $6750, a great price it seems for the features and build quality. My other option, a Scag TigerCat II 48 for $8199. Is the alleged quality of Scag and features it brings to the table enough to justify the extra $$ starting out? I am not sure if it is wiser to purchase the more expensive best/most reputable/reliable equipment I can with my available funds, seeing as many new businesses fail, OR purchase "value" or "decent" equipment just to start, have some money left over to cover other costs, and upgrade my equipment as I (hopefully) grow. Any and all advice greatly appreciated.

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    The servicing dealer and how they stand behind the product is crucial to your continued success. No matter what color the equipment is, it all bounces around on the trailer, gets banged up, and breaks down. Whatever dealer can support you the best, get you out the door quickly or give you a loaner should be in the decision making process. Don't be put off with the continued "XYZ mower is the worst, ABC mower is the best". They all break down or need maintenance at some point, all of them!!! Ensure you have the business that will support your purchase! Jeff
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    Are you stuck on new equipment?

    The Scag is a great mower, Huskys are definitely not as "proven" in commercial use
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    I bought a new PZT48 a month ago and I absolutely love it so far, my local Husq dealer is great though and that definitely swayed me in that direction.
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    I would take a serious look at toro/exmark lightly used stuff you will be ahead in three years !

    Great luck on your bussiness
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    I would definitely go with the scag if I were you. I run scags and the cut quality is truly worth the money. I'm sure you will have a warranty but I also find them super easy to work on.

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