Scag TigerCat vs. Gravely Pro-Turn 152 vs.Grasshopper 223-52 vs. Toro Z Master 3000

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by cinco1, May 23, 2013.

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    Hello All,

    I'd sure appreciate your professional insight regarding the research of my first zero-turn mower. I've been lurking, reading and taking into consideration all the great stuff shared here - thank you! Here's a little background:

    - fenced 3 acre flat lot (mixed native grass and broadleaf weeds), large garden plot, 15 trees, road "strip" where one side is 40-45 degree pitch.

    - buying initially for weekly home use.

    - likely begin using for a little commercial work during summer.

    - High End Budget - $8500

    - Don't have easy access to a trailer/truck at the moment (rebuilding the engine - doh) - so having minimal initial problems is important.

    Models I'm Interested In:

    a.) Grasshopper 223-52
    - $8250 at local dealer with great service
    - Kohler Commander Pro 23 HP
    - G2 Trans

    b.) Gravely Pro-Turn 100 XDZ
    - 52" $7500 at dealer 1 hour away with unknown service (30 year business)
    - 60" $7800 (same)
    - Kawasaki FX691V 22 HP (on 52")
    - Kawasaki FX730V 23.5 HP (on 60")
    - ZT3400 Trans

    c.) Scag Tiger Cat
    - 52" $8000 at a Scag "Pro-Gold" Dealer (40+ years in business)
    - 61" $8500 (same)
    - Kawasaki FX691V 22 HP (on 52")
    - Kawasaki FX730V 23.5 HP (on 60")
    - Trans = 10cc pumps

    d. Toro Z Master 3000:
    - 52" @ $7700 at a Scag "Pro-Gold" Dealer (40+ years in business)
    - 22 hp Kawasaki
    - 12cc pumps unitized pumps and wheel motors


    1. 52 or 60 inch Deck: Any drawbacks to the 52" deck? I think the 52" is way I want to go. From research, I see where the 60" deck on the Grasshopper 223 would be underpowered (?).

    2. Cast Iron Spindles: I like this feature on the Gravely and Scag.

    3. Trans & Pumps: How does the Grasshopper G2 stand up to the others? In your opinion, is the Scag system of individual pumps/motor better? From research I found:
    - ZT3400 (Gravely ProTurn 100 XDZ) Pumps = 12cc
    - Scag Tiger Cat Pumps = 10cc with individual motor & pump/wheel
    - Toro 3000 is this the ZT3400?

    4. I've read where the Grasshopper deck will clog up in weedy & moist mowing. How are the others?

    5. Engines: Any advantage/disadvantage to the horizontal Kohler Commander Pro?

    Lastly, how concerned should I be with selecting a dealer 1 hour away with the Gravely & Scag? I'm hesitant to buy the Gravely or Scag due to this reason. However, the Scag dealer seemed to be extremely squared away and the Gravely dealer good as well. I'd hate to buy the Grasshopper just because the dealer is 10 miles away too.

    Help talk this newbie off his ledge before he makes the wrong decision! Thank you for your time and consideration.
  2. cinco1

    cinco1 LawnSite Member
    from neo
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    No opinions or advice? :confused:
  3. DA Quality Lawn & YS

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    Any of those mowers ought to last you for years if all you are mowing is 3 of your own acres each week.
    Gravely is the least of the bunch IMO, but for you it may be just what you need since you are not using it commercially.
    The others are a step up. Don't need the Scag unless you plan to mow when it is really wet out.
    I think I would go Gravely if all you need is an entry level machine to just cut grass, and the Toro if you want a step up.
  4. RTR Landscaping

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    Go with the 52" Scag. The Tiger Cat is a great mower and Scag's Velocity deck does a really nice job on all types of grass. You cannot go wrong with a Scag mower.
  5. ProStreetCamaro

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    That toro is a joke compared to the Gravely 100 series mowers. Look at those small easy to rut lawns tires that thing has. Also has no suspension seat like the new gravely 100 series comes with.


    This is our 160 when it was new. Now has 1600 hours on it and still operates like new. Everything is all original sill except for one deck belt and one hydro belt.


  6. GMLC

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    I would go with either the Scag or Gravely. Both are full commercial machines. Both also cut good in almost all conditions including tall and wet grass.
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  7. DA Quality Lawn & YS

    DA Quality Lawn & YS LawnSite Fanatic
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    Not sure what you are looking at the tires on the Gravely and Toro look about the same width??
    For quality of cut in any conditions OP should buy the Scag. For 1/4 notch below cut in all conditions and a solid all around machine the Toro is an option. IDK much about the Hopper. If you want to just throw grass for the cheapest price go Gravely - I have seen Gravely deck cuts around here, nothing but big windrows and balled up mess. Scag and Deere with Toro a 1/4 step below are the best cuts I have seen here anyway.
  8. GMLC

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    I have to disagree totally. I own both Scag and Gravely and know how both perform. If you follow my reviews I compare the cut head to head with pics.
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  9. cinco1

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    from neo
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    Hey thank you guys, I appreciate your advice! I will likely begin mowing on a part time commerical basis next year - I live in a rural area with a ton of possiblities and not many comm. guys (I get approached quite often when others see me mowing).

    What do you think of the Gravely Turn Pro XDZ 252? For another $1k, over the 152, I can move up to the Kawasaki FX730V 23.5 hp and ZT5400 units and beefier frame. Plus the 152 or 252 comes standard with a suspension seat (my yard and likely properties would not be smooth but with bumps).

    I think it would be the Gravely 252 or the Scag TigerCat 52. The Gravely 252 @ $8699 list vs. Scag TC 52 @ $7999 list - so $500 difference.

    Any issues on the Scag not having front anti-scalp roller on the center of the deck? I assume the suspension seat would be a big plus for likely bumpy properties.
  10. T Scapes

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    ive got a 61 in tiger cat and love it no complaints here

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