Scag TT 28hp Cat VS. Kubota ZD331

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So I test rode a Scag Cheetah and really like the ride of it a lot and the 16mph was pretty awesome. So I got some prices for the TT to compare it to my next kubota. The TT with the Cat came in at just over 19 grand and he would sell it for 16.5 with a 72inch deck. The Kubota ZD331 is should be around 15 grand with a 72inch deck. The kubota is 11.5 mph and the Scag is 11mph. The kubota has a isolating front axle and a suspension seat, the Scag has a frame where you sit isolates with a suspension seat. Kubota has a nicer Hydro feel and easier to work on. The Scag has a nicer deck design with a foot lift. The kubota has a hydro lift that is quicker than a foot lift. The Scag has a nicer striping kit. The kubota is taller and the ROPS does not fold all the way down. The Kubota has bigger tires and up to a 4 year unlimited hour warranty if I payed the extra money which would make it the same price as the TT which has a 2 year unlimited hour warranty which is the same as the kubota. The kubota has 2 belts and one shaft (one deck, one alternator). The TT has 5 and one shaft. The kubota one has 2 hydro lines for the deck lift, the TT has 4. The Kubota has a wet clutch, the TT has a electric. The kubota has a better hydo pump system and hydo cooling system. The kubota has a better cooling system all around.

All this said what would you choose and why?
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Kubota. I've owned a ZD221 I even though it was lower in power for the 60" deck it was a beast. Never had any powertrain issues. Had issues with the seat safety switch that was fixed under warranty though.

The cat is a nice engine but expensive to fix and not easy to find someone to work on it. I don't think the scag dealer would work on the cat motor its self?

Kubota knows hydro stuff...they have had hydro tractors for years. They know what it takes to run a hydro system for 8 hours a day without failure.

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something else on a kubota i ran a zd331 for 2 years at my old job and loved it they also have a built in jack in the front so you can get under the deck cool feature next used it personally but one of our guys got wrapped around a backstop net and it helped getting the net out