Scag TT 61" 23hp Kohler pulls to the left

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by PastorHoops, Oct 7, 2011.

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    I've been looking for a while to buy a good used Scag. I finally located one that I think is a pretty good buy. It's an '02 (possibly '03) Tiger Cat with a 61" deck and 23hp Kohler. It's been kept inside a climate-controlled shop building and was used to mow a 3-acre lot. It looks like it's been very well taken care of and runs really well. The only thing that concerns me is that when you push both steering levers all the way forward it pulls pretty good to the left. Both rear tires were a bit low on air, but I don't think that was the problem. In order to drive it straight I had to let off the right steering lever by about 3-4". Should this be a big concern, or is the normal? My concern is that the hydraulic pump could be going bad and I believe that's over $600 just for the pump. Your input would be appreciated!
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    Or it might be as simple as adjusting the limit screw on the hydro levers to allow more fluid into the other motor.

    Have a mechanic check it out.
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    Check the tires FIRST...especially with this much difference. It is not the psi that matters, it is the circumference around the tire. with the back of the mower lifted, use a soft tape measure (like the tailors use), or even a string or something. Also, id the tires are that low, both should probably be inflated a little more. It may even help the cut quality due to changing the deck pitch. After the tires are dialed in, they can be adjusted by just adding or taking out air from the tires. Very seldomly is it a hydro adjustment that needs adjusting.

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