Scag TT 61" vs. Hustler SuperZ 66"

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by johnnybravo8802, Jun 10, 2009.

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    I finally decided to try out a Hustler Super Z and see what all the fuss is about. The one I demoed had 200+ hours on it and it had a 66" deck with a 30 Kohler. My Scag has a 61" velocity deck with the 29 DFI Kawi and has 200+ hours on it. I'm going to give my opinion but they are nothing more than my opinion and not someone leaning toward a certain brand.

    First impression:The Hustler is blistering fast just like everybody said it was and will run circles around the Scag as far as cutting. Like Tacoma pointed out, the Scag is severely dampened and takes some getting used to. The Hustler has the typical sensitive levers like the Exmark's I had and this is what I prefer. You really have to push the TT down to get it rolling.

    Cut quality: I had heard a lot of negative comments about the poor cut on the Hustler but I didn't notice. Both machines had brand new blades. I'd consider the Hustler to have an average cut. I mowed my rough cut at 2.75" and my fescue at 3.75" and it did fine. However, the velocity is second to none. It just seems to have better lift and continues to cut good even when the blades are dull. The 61" deck has a lot of rollers on it also and it automatically leaves a nice stripe that my Exmark's never did. Also, the Scag has a spring assisted lift that makes floating the deck a breeze and I use it constantly. I was killing myself trying to do this with the Hustler. On tedious turf, this is very important.

    Ride: The Hustler didn't have the flex forks but had a standard suspension seat and it rode ok. It's funny but the two mowers had the exact same seat but they are night and day as far as ride. The Scag is like sitting in a lazy boy and rides really good while suspending you up and down with the terrain. It also has a lower COG and you feel like you are sitting in the machine and feel secure. I felt like I was sitting on top of the Hustler out in the open.

    Hillside stability: NO CONTEST!!!!!!!!!The Scag walks the dog in this category. It has a lower COG and sticks to hills like glue-literally. I ride some pretty nasty ditches and hills and the Scag rarely slips a tire. The Hustler is actually wider but I wouldn't trust it as far as I could throw it. I was spinning tires each time I'd turn it and it wasn't from speed. If you pointed it down on the slightest incline, it started sliding and felt like it had no weight on the rear. However, when you'd take off, it wanted to wheelie. The balance of the machine was very strange. Even the Exmarks' I had held hills much better than the Hustler. I was very surprised with this fact.

    Quality: NO CONTEST!!! I've had two Hustlers in the past and am used to a very quality machine but didn't see it with the Super Z. This really disappointed me. The front casters had one bolt holding them on and when I'd get up speed on the asphalt, the wheels wobbled so bad, it was dangerous. When I returned it, I found one bolt really loose and I've never run into this before on other machines. The sight lens on one of the fuel tanks was already buckled in and with only 200 hours. The veneer around the gauges was already peeling up. My Scag looks like new. One of the rollers on the deck was falling off and bent. The metal it was attached to was only one sided and the Scag is two sided-a lot more metal.The front wheels are air filled on the Hustler and the Scag has no flat fronts as standard. The Scag is doubled framed in a lot of places and just plain has more metal and is much better built-you're getting more machine and something that should last longer in my opinion.Everything on the Scag just feels beefier and the Scag feels like a cadillac compared to the Hustler.

    Engine: I didn't give this much thought because I wanted to compare mowers. However, I think the Kohler had better power over the Kawi, even though I'm not a Kohler fan. The choking and lack of LC does seem old school to me at this point, I admit.

    Conclusion: The Super Z is a fast machine and I would still buy one despite it's shortcomings. It cuts a lot of grass in a hurry and that's what I do-it would be an asset to me in that regard. It seems to be a better fit for rough cut though-schools, churches, etc. That's Hustler's first intentions-rough cut-industrial mowing but I don't think that's where they had intended to be in 2009. They still have some refining to do but they are a great company and I have confidence in them-they are very pro active compared to other companies. If I was wanting to cut a lot of grass fast, I'd get the Hustler off the trailer. However, if I was wanting a better quality cut and had some tedious mowing to do, I'd get the Scag off the trailer. If I wanted to mow embankments, I'd get the Scag off-no questions asked. There it is in a nutshell, I hope this helps someone.
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    Bump, bump.
  3. johnnybravo8802

    johnnybravo8802 LawnSite Silver Member
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    I need some more bumps.
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    Maybe I looked past it but I didn't notice. Which one discharges clippings better? As in less clumping or visable grass left on the lawn.
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    The Scag is the master at that. It excels in tall grass and has a wider opening than any brand out there. Look at Tacoma's thread-he has pictures.
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    good info!
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    i bought my first non-bobcat mower this spring, a Turf Tiger. i think its a quality machine, but im not overly sold on them. i think my bobcat cuts better and holds hills just the same. my biggest complaint with the TT is the length and weight. its one big bad mower. it does feel like a big soft bulky dump truck though compared to my nimble sportscar like bobcat. if the wildcat was made with the 16cc pumps and big engines that would be one nice machine comparable to my bobcat
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    Of course you keep 8-10 psi in the Hustler tires and add the flex forks and it is a smooth ride. Plus the Hustler has other accessories to make it ride better. Mine may have done well on hills but with no roll bar I wouldn't have pushed it to the limit. The Super Z is fast but you pay for this with low torque for climbing grades. Overall I liked the handling of the Super Z and easy access to the seat. I wished they lowered the speed to 12 mph so it would have more torque for hills. I think Hustler is a good ZTR but my two dislikes are as follows:

    1.The XR7 deck was the hardest deck to get to cut smooth above 3" that I have ever used on our grass/weeds in the transition zone. I tried every fix and kit that Hustler offered. That doesn't mean it won't cut well in your area. Very low lift deck more suited to grass that stands up.

    2.Weak, weak , weak. It's like driving in overdrive all the time with those big pump/motors. You could listen to the rpm's drop when you pushed the sticks forward or went up a grade. Even with 31 hp I would prefer the pump wheel motor combination of the ATZ Hustler (12 mph). Controls were smooth and over all a great machine though. They Handle great. I would think in flatter area's the lack of torque would be less of a problem.

    If you have a bad back the Super Z with the flex forks and other ride improving accessories would be one of your best bets. It does not cut grass well in all area's of the country though. Discharge not that great, it cuts standing grass and dispersal is a narrow stream at the front of the discharge chute. I have watched very closely. Forget crabgrass with this deck unless you cut very low. My dealer bought my Super Z back after about 50 hrs and gave me a full refund. Hustlers customer service and my dealers were top notch. The deck just didn't work in our poor turf.

    I've said enough about the Turf Tiger in other post.
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    Thanks. I agree with you supercuts, the Scag is a big machine and not as nimble as others but that's a good thing on a 30 acre industrial plant. In fact, I wish I had the 72". The tiger cat is a more suited machine for small areas but it's not near as plush as the TT. Tacoma-I didn't get the chance to test the hill climbing abilities but it makes since that it lacks torque with a 15 MPH top speed. I had wondered about the 31 on a Super Z. What do you think about a 26 HP on a 72" Super Z? The Hustler I tested had NO TRACTION and I wouldn't trust it on any grade. I ran this XR7 deck in tall fescue and short rough cut and it did fine but I have heard a lot of negative things about that deck. Hustler started in the industrial market where quality of cut wasn't a concern and I think they are still there and just don't know it.:usflag:
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    Good review JB, the Turf Tiger with the velocity deck is one of the most versatile mowers out there, from what most people report. It does have a large opening but it is not close to being as large an opening as the EverRide Warrior's deck. Not to hijack this thread at all but I bet that the 66" Warrior deck with the 31 HP Kawasaki combo would move an unbelievable amount of grass in a hurry.

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