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  1. Selling a turf tiger 61 27 kohler. The hour meter says 608 as of today. The real hours would be around 510-525. For some reason the key was left-ed on last month. This machine runs great! A real beast on hills! It also has a suspension seat and sun shade. $5000.00 needs to go in the next 5 days or I'll will probably keep it. A dingo is being auctioned that I am looking to buy on Dec 15. So If you are serious give me a call.
    Lou 859 948 2884
    I also have a 16 ft dump trailer for sale on here.

  2. danny jeffers

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    would you happen to have the rops bar for it that you would sell.?
  3. Back up for sale.........5000.00
    I have the Rops, lights for it, and trimmer trap cut off chute, and shade top.
    As a bonus I have brand new tires and rims I just bought for it off this website.
    The hrs show 626 as of today.
    I would consider a trade for a scag cub 48 of equal value.
  4. Baseballer1100

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    I think i might be able to have that trade and im in louisville! I have a tiger cub 48 inch zero turn. 2006 201 hours.
  5. 02DURAMAX

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    PM SENT Please give me a call!
  6. mikefuhr

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    how much for the trailer?
  7. 02DURAMAX

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    I will buy it from you even if you don't want the trade. And is that the velocity Deck?
  8. ATouchofGrass

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    Someone got a STEALL

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