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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by txjeep, Aug 29, 2007.

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    Hi guys. First post. I recently purchased a home on 8 wooded acres, three of which require mowing. This excellent site was recommended by a friend when I started asking about zero turn mowers. After hours of reading through old posts here, I have decided the SCAG TT with the Velocity deck is the mower that best fits my needs. I am hoping some of you won't mind helping me out with pricing and a couple of other things on this mower.

    I called the closest SCAG dealer yesterday and he gave me some advice and quoted some prices. On the engines, he said he sells more Kohler 27s than anything else, especially to the commercial guys. I told him I wanted a KAW LC. He said he would sell me one, but they are on the shop a lot more than the Kohlers, and he sells fewer KAW engines. I thought he was nuts, but after doing further research on this site, other mechanics have posted similar comments. At this point, I am leaning to the Kohler.

    The dealer was also pushing the 52" for my 3 acres of mowing. His reason was the improved maneuverability, though his price was only $200 less than the 61". Is that normal? I was expecting there to be a larger difference between the two decks. I have not decided on a 52" or a 61" deck, but am leaning to the larger one, especially for only $200 difference. I plan to go check the distance between some of the trees and other obstacles to make sure the larger deck won't be too large.

    Here are the prices he quoted me (pre-tax). I assume they were for 2007 models, but I didn't ask. I thought they were pretty high, especially on the 52", but I have not tried to negotiate yet. I don't want to do that until I figure out what would be a fair price. What do you think is reasonable for a non-commercial buyer to pay for a TT with these various deck and engine options?

    52" TT 27 Kohler $9,000
    52" TT 27 KAW LC (forgot to ask)
    61" TT 27 Kohler $9200
    61" TT 27 KAW LC $10,000

    Another thing is that I don't need the mower until October when I move, so I am not in a big hurry. There are also other dealers in the area.

    For your reference, here are some other prices he quoted, but these would be overkill for me:
    61" TT 29 KAW EFI LC $10,800
    61" TT Diesel $13,500
    61" TT 35HP Briggs $11,000

    Any advice is very much appreciated.
  2. P.Services

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    there is a 61'' tt 35hp briggs floating around on here someone is trying to sell. it has 168hrs on it they wanted 8,000 i would be all over that if i were you. figure 500 bucks for shiping what a deal. go with the 61 and a lc kawi, thats whats on all of mine and they run great, it will be harder to sell a 52'' should you ever want to.
  3. T Total Lawncare

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    Well I'll give you my 2 cents fwiw. 1st I have the 27 Kohler and love it but would take a Kawi just the same. Can't go wrong with either there, both great engines. 2nd save yourself some regret and spend the extra 200$ on the 61. Like many will tell you, I have yet to see a place where I wished I had a 52 over my 61. In my area people mostly run in the 60/61 range depending on the brand. 48 is the next most popular size and they always have 2 to have maneuverability and the productivity of larger decks. If your cutting that 3 acres regularly youll be glad you spent that 200$.

    With saying that TT is a warhorse and has a huge stout frame. The 52 to me would be a waste of all the extra strenght and capability of this machine.
    If I was dead set on a 52 I would get it on the T Cub or the wildcat.

    I'm sure Envy will give you a reality check on this and back me up on this one.

    By the way welcome to Lawnsite!!
  4. smcunningham

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    On the 61" the deck sticks out further so its easier to trim with. on the 52' the deck is almost in line with the rear tires thus being harder to get the deck closer to obstacles .
  5. tjsquickcuts

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    I have a TT, and love it....27 HP Kohler, 61in Velocity Deck....The thing is a monster...holds hills very well, and leaves a nice finished look....Easy to handle, but takes a while getting used to the wide deck....I am a Scag man for life, all my scags have been great to me, and the dealer support is even better....But I will say for just 800 more bucks I might go with the Kawi....
  6. IHusky

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    Man, hats off to a home owner going real big. That dealer is wacked!!! Get the 61" all the way. The Turf Tiger, Kaw or Kohler, will go threw your 3 acres like its butter. Scag........simply the best. Good luck.
  7. txjeep

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    Thanks for the replies, everyone. You have convinced me to go for the 61" deck. I am still not sure on the engines, but I don't expect to put more than ~50 hours a year on this thing, so I am not sure I need any more than the air cooled Kohler. I am all about noise levels though, so I might pay more for the KAW if it is substantially quieter.

    Can anyone comment on pricing? Based on what I have read in other posts, I get the feeling that the 61TT with 27 Kohler should be closer to $8k than $9k. I have seen posts where folks bought new 2006 61TT w/KAW 27 LCs for $8700. Does anyone know when the 2008s come out?

    Thanks again...

    MOW PRO LAWN SERVICE LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Son get the 35 horse the power and resale.
  9. P.Services

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    you will end up selling this machine at some point so i would get the lc just for the resale value maybe even the efi
  10. HS Football Rules

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    I know you priced TT... but... I have quotes in hand for Wildcat 26lc/61 for $7799, & $7850.....Kudos to you for wanting the baddest beast out there....
    but shop price on the Wildcat and buy a better Grill for that new home. :drinkup:

    Since your in Houston..check out

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