Scag TT Positives and negatives


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Creal Springs,IL
To start off with I love my TT (61 and27kawi) I do not thing there is a better built mower out there for durability! I do know there are more comfortable mowers out though. My TT sticks to slopes like crazy,built like a tank,and most importantly leaves a nice cut. However the steering arms are hard on the shoulders to stiff. I use to run an older dixie chopper 27 kohler 60in and it was as smooth as butter,that was the only thing I liked better other than you could mow when it was wet and when the ground was soft. What new mowers has the smooth controls like an old chopper and built like a TT, demoed a superZ 2 years ago seemed real smooth however the quality seemed to not be there like the scag. Starting to get back into the mowing game again I am sure there has been improvements in 2 years in all of them. Would like to here pros and cons in all of the top models I am not interested in nothing but the top choices by the guys who use them daily. Two years ago we had approximately 75 accounts thought I could leave it behind easy.,the warmer it starts to get the more I am thinking jumping back in it . Also my biggest gripe with TT is the paths/ditches it leaves the chopper did not do that. I wondered if it was just the weight or if the flotation type tires help I will quit I have rambled on enough ,thanks guys! WE ARE LOSING ARE FREEDOMS EVERYDAY THAT THIS SOCIALIST IS IN CHARGE,KEEP WORKING HARD AND PAY YOUR TAXES. THE PEOPLE THAT ARE TO LAZY TO WORK ARE DEPENDING ON YOU!!!!!!