Scag TT QR driveshaft

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Jet boater, Mar 24, 2002.

  1. Jet boater

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    I'm sure 99% of you already know this....but,

    There's a quick release disconnect collar on the rear of the deck drive shaft on the Turf Tiger. Sure makes lubing the joints easier! That's pretty cool!

    Only posting for the other 1% of folks that didn't know that. (Including me until this morning.)

    D. Tom
  2. Jerrys Lawn Service

    Jerrys Lawn Service LawnSite Member
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    Jet Boater, let us know how to get it off. Do you pull it back and take it off or does it push and come off? One more thing does this weaken the connection by using this all of the time?

  3. Jet boater

    Jet boater LawnSite Member
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    Reach up to the rear driveshaft connection that is hooked to the splined shaft coming out the front of the electric clutch. It's almost impossible to get your head up there to see unless you lay flat on your back and scoot under the back of the mower. I found this all by feel.

    There's a spring loaded black ring on the rear end of the driveshaft that will move forward towards the front of the mower approx 1/2" when you push it with your hand. That releases the driveshaft to slide off the splines. The spline connection in the center of the driveshaft allows it to shorten in length in order to be able to slide off. Then you can manipulate the U-joints as needed to get at the zerk fittings.

    From the looks of the design, I doubt it would weaken by using all the time. Its release system is a couple 1/4" hardened bearings that lock into a groove on the splined output shaft.

    FYI - There's also a zerk hidden up there by the splined shaft in front of the clutch. Found this from feelin' around.

    This is on a TT, 61" deck, 25 HP Kohler, '99 or 2000 model year.
  4. Jerrys Lawn Service

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    Jet Boater it's got to be faster your way, we just changed the deck height to 4 inches, then you can get to all three fittings.
    As far as your mystery fitting, are you talking about the one on the PTO? There should be a total of 20 fittings.

  5. jrm2a

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    Anyone had ujoint go out on turf tiger and if so can you just get the u joint
  6. wahlturfcare

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    from iowa
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    you can usually buy the u joint at any farm store.

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