Scag TT Suspension seat retro fit?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by flashbang, Jan 18, 2013.

  1. flashbang

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    2004 TT came with a high back soft ride seat with busted springs and quite frankly looks like a large padded lawn chair that should be on a deck. That said, I want a suspension seat but trying to avoid the OEM $700.00+ price.
    I got a super deal on a Milsco V-5300 Seat which is the same OEM for Scag. The difference is there is no boss for the seat belt brackets so I will make them and weld them on like the Scag frame has. They are threaded for 7/16 X 20. Has anyone done this, and does anyone have a pic or mesurement of the boss diameter and length?

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  2. orangemower

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    seat belt? What's that? I honestly would never strap myself to any mower. If I have to bale out or get off fast, I'd be fumbling with a seat belt buckle. No thanks. Seat belts on a mower is like having seat belts on a motorcycle! :hammerhead:
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    ^yup. what he said
  4. LandFakers

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    Seat belts are like gloves, I dont wear gloves. But your idea sounds like it will work and you seem to be knowing what you are doing
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    I did the upgrade a couple years ago on a 02 tt. The oem kit I remember being closer to $500 but it was awhile ago.

    Anyways the scag kit comes with a diiferent seat base that doesn't flip up and a longer harness if I remember right. Its just not the $350 black seat from northern.

    For the seat belt portion unless you have rops it would be a bad idea. Mine doesn't have rops so no seat belt. Also if the seat still flips up the belt is also a bad idea.

    I would talk to your local dealer and ask if they could give a price break and put it with a stock order to save frieght. I would rather have a tanish seat over black mid august.
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  6. AlohaMowing

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    So your TT has the seat belt attached to the seat? That does not sound like the best design. Mine is a bit newer and has the seat belt attached to the base of the ROPS mount. Look at page 10 of The seat belt attachments are #5.

    You don't say if you have a ROPS. If so, can you relocate the seat belt attachment as shown in that manual? If no ROPS, I am with those who say do not use the seat belt. With the hilly terrain I mow, I would not own a riding mower without ROPS, and I always use my seat belt.

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