SCAG TT vs. TORO Z master

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by LB1234, Jul 29, 2005.

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    Well guys and gals...

    We have demoed a SCAG Tiger with 29 Kawi w/ the LC & EFI and 61" advantage deck. We also demoed a TORO Z master with 27 Kohler, 60" deck with the adjustable baffle system.

    Tried getting a better comparable engine for the TORO but dealer wasn't willing to demo his 27 LC kawi (which he claimed would be comparable b/c of the single belt and no lose in HP..blah blah blah) and TORO distributor wasn't/didn't have anything but the 27 kohler for us to demo. As a side note we already own two WB 48" SCAG's we've been running for awhile so we do have a slight prejudice towards the SCAG.


    Honestly, I think the cut quality was slightly better with the TORO in good conditions and in tall, wirey (not thick) grassy weeds. Just for the mere fact I could adjust those baffles w/no tools in the matter of seconds to suite the conditions...and yes...that deck did make a difference. Can't say enough about it. We could adjust the SCAG deck but it involves tools and some major time consumption (didn't do it but would assume 10-15 minutes). Which brings up the "Z-stand" couldn't say enough about it. That thing is awesome and could save some major time if/when the deck needed to be changed or installing a new set of blades.

    In the wet heavy stuff SCAG didn't bog down at all wereas the TORO did give an ever so slight hesitation. We found ourselves double cutting with the TORO but not with the SCAG due to some missing matted grass blades. Keep in mind this was an account that wasn't done for two weeks (another story...delinquent payer) and we had some significant rain here in Jersey during the skipped week.

    Hill stability definately goes towards the SCAG. TORO was stable but we felt much safer on the SCAG. Guess the tank being underneath does provide for a much lower center of gravity. Which brings up another point...We found the tanks mounted on the TORO to get in way of our line of sight to the rear tires. We couldn't see were the tire ended so extra caution needed to be used when trimming around objects. Whereas the SCAG's rear wheels aren't covered on the outer half and you can see exactly were they are at all times. Small, but noticable thing.

    As far as speed goes, the SCAG blew the TORO out of the water. Although this doesn't mean much b/c we wouldn't cut at this speed and the engines really aren't did mean something to us on our properties with major hills. The SCAG would tackle a hill at a much faster speed than the TORO without sacrificing quality of cut.

    Being extremely nitpicky...the SCAGs location on their oil drain plug absolutely SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!! However, it would be difficult to adjust the steering mechanism on the TORO b/c the darn gas tanks sit right on top of them.

    We decided to go ahead with the SCAG for a few reasons. One, we have a good track record with our previous SCAG WB's (I told you we have a slight prejudice towards SCAG). Two, hillside stability was important to us b/c 4 of our accounts have some pretty big hillsides. Three, the TORO rode like a darn rock with wheels. Being someone who has chronic back problems I had to stop running the TORO on one 'bumpy' account and have my brother ride it cause my back felt every damn bump. Now..the SCAG did come standard with the suspension seat so I'm sure that cushioned the blows alot. So keep that in mind on what we compared.

    Fourth...the dealer. SCAG dealer contacted SCAG and SCAG said they wouldn't/couldn't have a demo on the TT with 29 kawi. TORO dealer contacted TORO and they gave the same story. TORO dealer wasn't willing to let the 27 kawi LC out the door for a demo. We explained we didn't want to be purchasing a 9 grand piece equipment only to find out we couldn't stand this or that about the machine. We were even willing to pay a few hundred bucks for a rental not a demo. SCAG dealer said he would set up his unit for us to demo it. He said if we didn't like it he's charge us a buck twenty five for a rental. Needless to say that dealer was willing to go the extra mile for us...showed us something.

    All in all they are both excellent machines with pros and cons for both. I really wouln't give a slight nod to one or the other and call one 'better' than the other. It came down to the dealer, our prejudice, and one machine suiting particular needs a little better than the other.

    Okay...bullet proof vest is away...
  2. tacoma200

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    Nice honest review!
  3. iluvscag

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    Glad you chose the SCAG. :)
  4. HighGrass

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    Great review! Thanks for the effort that you put into it and itwas very well done.
  5. D Fricks

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    We have the toro 28EFI 60'' deck great machine have never used a scag but have heard good feedback 300 hrs and no major problems . Would purchase another

    TURF DOCTOR LawnSite Silver Member
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    scag tt is a great mower can't say anything about a toro never sit on 1.
  7. matth04

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    I know what you are talking about on the oil drain plug. They have one cut out, but at the base, the oil hits the metal and just runs everywhere. I don't know why Scag just couldn't drill another hold in the bottom of the mower. I think you made the right decision picking the Scag.
  8. LB1234

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    Already ordered an oil drain extension kit for the mower. The dealer said that is actually the one bad thing he can say about SCAG...they never think about the oil drain plug.
  9. rob1325

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    Did you look at the 35 HP tiger. I just bought one a month ago. If you think the 29 DFI is powerful, you should demo a 35HP, it Rocks in any condition. I demoed bothe the 29 DFI and 35HP, both great machines.
  10. LB1234

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    If I recall when you get above the 29kawi your options are either a 31 or 35 Briggs. To be completely honest, I'm not 100% sold on the larger Briggs V-Twin engines...and also the additional cost. Although, we do have a 16HP V-Twin on our leaf loader and I have no complaints thusfar. Also, I just love the kawasaki engines. Have the 17's on our WB's and (knock on wood) they keep on tickin.

    Damn though, another 6hp...what the heck is the travel speed 15-16 MPH!!

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