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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by arl250, Oct 20, 2017.

  1. arl250

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    I wanted to take the zk for a spin but every single time I went to the wright area it was full of those people, wide open so I never did. Yeah my dealer let me take a zto out one time and I wasn't really impressed either but I still think they got the best stander, BUT the vride 2 is going to change things I think
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  2. Eric502

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    Yup, that is what the carb 35 costs here
  3. djagusch

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    Well they have used that spindle since 1995 or 1996. So i dont think they will change it out. Grease the thing weekly and it will go the distance.

    With 10 mowers going now I normally have 1 spindle failure a year. Oldest chassis is from 2003. Newest is a 2017.

    Having 3 go bad in 500hrs to me means you are not greasing them enough. The bolt for the blade gets bent if you hit something hard vs a spindle going bad.
  4. weeze

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    well that's what i was thinking. the first year i had it i was only greasing every 2 weeks instead of every week. this year i greased every week but i think the damage had already been done last year.

    the part that has me confused is the aftermarket spindle went out in 2-3 months this year and i was greasing it every week. i'm not sure what happened there. maybe it is just a crap spindle?

    i only bent the blade bolts one time last year hitting something. i didn't bend any of them this year.
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  5. djagusch

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    Why wasn't it under warranty?

    Wondering how your front wheel bearings hold up with that greasing schedule? We grease those every other day. We actually try to do the spindles mid week also, just doesn't happen all the time.
  6. weeze

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    scag doesn't cover aftermarket spindles i guess is the reason for that.

    my front wheel bearings are fine. the owner's manual says to grease them every 100hrs. i was doing it every 50hrs the first year. now i do it every week or 20hrs.

    the owner's manual says grease the spindles every 40hrs. that was about 2 weeks for me. i now grease them every 20hrs once a week.

    scags take too much grease. that makes me not like them. high maintenance.

    my deere you put like 5 pumps of grease in the spindles every 50hrs and i've never had an issue. then the front castor bearings every 500hrs. that's it. nothing else to grease. front wheel bearings no grease fittings yet they are still fine after 1200hrs. sealed bearings. the tires are about worn out so the bearings last longer than the tires do. it's all one,rims, bearings.

    if my front wheel bearings go out on the scag i'm putting the mower up for sale this spring. :laugh:

    after working all day the last thing i wanna do is spend 30min greasing my mower. that's just ridiculous. once a week is too often for me but i guess that's what a scag takes.
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  7. River

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    Well, I guess my 31 liquid cooled will be traded in next year for one of these. If plowing goes good hopefully I can get the 37 tt2 in a 61 and a new 36 v ride 2.
  8. Big steve

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    I wonder when it will officially be released, because I've already seen dealers posting Vride 2's for sale on Craiglist.. lol..
  9. Eric502

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    Weeze... FWIW have you tried different mfg of grease? There is some good one out there and I have tried all of them on my lifted vehicles with extended driveshafts. The only one that holds up for me is this Anything elseand I loose u joints and centering balls out of double cardan drive shafts. I use to burn through u joint in normal daily driving every year. I switched to this grease and I have had the same u joints for 7 years thanks to this stuff and regular (oil change) greasing. Might try it in your scag, it is the only grease I will use for anything with a zerk! Id still grease it every week.

    The tag at GIE said January 2018.... but like you I have seen the stuff on the vride already too.
  10. weeze

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    grease is grease. it all meets the same ratings. i've been using the mobil 1 grease recommended by scag to use. i also used the lucas red grease last year and it has the same temp ratings (actually a little better) than the mobil 1 grease. both are high temp lithium greases.

    got my mower back today. a spindle was $185. :eek: they gave me a $10 discount.

    kohler oil filters are high too at the scag dealer. $12 each. wtf?

    almost sure i'll switch back to deere for my next mower. deere oil filters are only $8 each and the spindles are about $125 each.

    it seems scag is a little lower on labor charges at $65. deere is $75....but the deere parts are cheaper. at least here that's how it is.

    if you get all new spindles does the 3 year spindle warranty start over? or does it end after you've had the mower 3 years?
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