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How is this mower? How is the company period? It is a used mower, but in really good shape. They are asking $4,000 for it. Is this a good deal or not? Thanks for your help!<p>GLC


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ive been meaning to make a post about the turf runner now i have the perfect opertunity! today i was wtching a landcaper mow a lawn across the street from a lawn i was doing and he was using the turf runner. lets just say i wouldnt pay 100 bucks for one. he cut the lawn at about 3 inches it looked wich is average.... after he was done more grass was sticking up than was cut.... not only that but there were clumps all over the place and the grass was dry! it wasnt even like he was cutting 10inch high grass, he was cutting like 5 inch grass down to 2.5 or 3 inches! certainly no excuse. i have never seen a mower with such a bad quality of cut in my life. ive also heard of alot of powertrain problems with them. all the way around scags ztrs are crap in my apinion and i advice you not to touch it! <p>PS. this wasnt the first time ive seen one cut so bad so its not like its because his blades were dull. ive never seen one cut even exeptable!
Last year at my local Lesco service center<br>there was another contractor there with a<br>48&quot; Lesco walkbehind. The Lesco decks are<br>pretty much the same as a scag.<p>I made the comment to the other landscaper that a set of gator blades would be a big help if he wanted to &quot;mulch&quot;.<p>The manager spoke up and said that gator<br>blades don't work very well with the lesco<br>mowers.<p>I feel this problem is do to just plain poor<br>deck design. The lesco manager said he should<br>stick with hi-lift blades.<p>The machine may be built like a tank but it's<br>worthless if it can't move clippings like a toro or eXmark.


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I had a problem with my Scag leaving less than wanted patterns in the turf, lots of blades sticking up. I changed the blades from mulching Gators to HiLifts. Beautiful turf now. With the mulching blades, if the grass gets over 7' it can't handle the discharge and clumps up. With the &quot;straight&quot; blades I've had no problem with this. I agree and blame deck design.


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Ive demo-ed the turf runner & even the prototype for scag's new cougar (walker copy), & I say they suck!<br> It took me twice as long as my walk behind, even when you get teh hang of the controls. I don't like inside sticks-they are too twitchy, & are less forgiving on maneuvering, because it's like turning a car with a steering wheel that has 3/4 turn to work with vs. a normal 2-2-1/2 turn radius. You get more finite control ability with the longer throw.<br>Turf runners & walker types suck on hills too. Been there, done that. They have their niche, but a hill isn't one of them. Will slip & spin going across a face of a gentle slope, & you have to go to the bottom of a hill where it flattens out before you can turn around.<br>That has been my repeated experience for what it is worth. All mowers have strengths & weaknesses; Walker types don't have what I need for my routes. Someone elses may.<p>----------<br>Smitty ô¿ô<br>

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One owner called them Orange Junk. Others have said they had hydro problems. It doesn't sound like a good investment.<p>----------<br>&lt;a href=&quot;;&gt;Eric@ELM&lt;/a&gt;<br>


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Sorry, guys... I got a Scag Turf Tiger and I love it. Runs great and cuts like a barber. I can make 180 turns diagonally on a 25 degree bank and not slide or crab. Has low CG. I guess I need to get some digital pixs on the net to prove performance. Can't comment on the specific Scag you are asking about..haven't used it. GO ORANGE!!!!<p>ps - Have to agree with comment regarding the Walker type mowers.<br><p>----------<br>D. Tom<br>


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i second the motion, i have a turf tiger and I'm very happy with it. SCAG makes a great mower. with one exception, the turf runner. those self bag'n Piece of Sheet's are no good. any self bagging unit is no good in my mind (turf runner, walker ghs, explorer). maybe one in a hundred have a use for them. they have to small of a deck, cant see behind ya, and you have no room, no hill abilities, and half the grass ends up down in the engine area. who has one that does not have to clear the grass out every few hours??? that or the damn engine over heats or the whole thing goes up in smoke... you're better off leaving the grass where it came from, double cut , mulch, inside out pattern or something. the self baggers are SLOW. if i needed a baggin unit i would go for a trac vac on a 61, or a 52 if need be. you'll have a bigger mower and it will cost less (in most cases). <br>what do you do when the self bag'n unit fills up? hmm, lets take 15 min and change the deck, yeah, that sounds productive. <br>sorry to be so Cynical.<br>

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