Scag Turf Tiger 61"

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by pfisdon, Jan 26, 2000.

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    Curlawngreen, someone who likes baseball:)
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    I personally hate scags. many people use the tigers in my area. they leave many clumps and cut horrible in wet or even damp grass. besides the horrible cut they also seem to be prone to alot of powertrain problems and leaks. i have used scag walk behinds and riders and i would definitly not recomend them! they used to be good years ago and now the only thing selling them is the name.
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    Evan528-<p>I am wondering what brand(s) you do like, and why.&lt;p&gt;John
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    lazer, i have a toro z master with a 62inch deck and a 25hp engine.....that machine i love. it cuts incredibly in all conditions, it has a very smooth ride and it had many conviences. you can probly relate because its a exmark lazer with a toro deck (a plus) ,the super flow system is great. i have a walk behind gravely wich i love also. in five years its never been down once and it cuts great. my other rider is a gravely 3 wheeler with a 60inch cut.... wich im selling this spring. cuts horrible, clumps like you can beleave. (even in dry grass) it drives very smooth but is very slow. over all i just could do with out it. gravels are built very solid but the 3 wheeler rider i would not recomend.
  5. Evan528

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    All that I am going to say is that a company in my city bought two,they used them to cut the parks and citys grass.I have never seen a mower cut so badly.I did not see much clumping but they scalped the parks up so bad that half my clients that never talked about the city parks where all saying they though it was terrible.If anyone is reading this reply and thinking of buying one DON'T!!!!!!Buy a dixie,lazer z,walker,ferris,toro or anything but this mower.<p>from:Adam<br>AB Lawn Care <br>
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    I have used scag hydo walk behinds for 10 years and had no problems whatsoever.As for scalping,I wonder about the operators not the machines. Scag has just came out with new decks,Advantage Decks, that should stop the grass clippings from clumping.
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    I used to think a Dixie Chopper would scalp bad, till I learned how to drive it. The operator in my opinion is the one in control. If he can't approach a terrace or any other imperfection in the terrain at the proper angle and not make a deck ht. adjustment, he isn't skilled enough to be an operator. Too many people think that cutting grass is simple. It takes a little common sense and an eye for quality. I don't have any problems with my old scag super z scalping now that I adjusted the wheels properly. Heck, my 50&quot; chopper ain't go nary a wheel on her, it's all in how you do it. Believe it or not, I've even seen a Lazer scalp, and they have 25 anti scalp wheels on them!<p>Homer

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