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Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by whitenack, Apr 5, 2006.

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    This winter, my dad bought a Scag Turf Tiger to replace his 16 year old kabota.

    Eager to test it out, he took it for a test drive. Unfamiliar with the controls, he ran that sucker right through a plank fence and finally came to a rest up against the side of his garage with the wheels still spinning.

    Two planks busted, 1 cracked foundation, and not a single scratch on the Scag. Now that is what I call tough!

    Anyway, I noticed that his confusion (and mine as well when I tried it out) stemmed from the fact that the steering levers did not return to a nuetral position when released. In other words, if you pushed forward on the levers, then let go, the levers would continue to stay forward. This makes it very difficult to find the "stop" position, and all too often we would go too far and unintentionally reverse direction, or not stop completely, or get only one lever right and end up in a spin.

    Is it supposed to be this way? This particular mower was on display at the store, so I wonder if it has been tampered with.

    If it is supposed to be this way, any tips on how best to operate this thing? Is it best to just mow in open fields where there is no risk of running over anything?
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    This is completely normal, most if not all ZTR's are this way. My old man has the same problem when trying to move my gravely, he didnt understand the fact that you have to pull back on the levers to slow down/stop.

    That said, tell your pops to pull back on the levers together, take out to a field or whatever. Push forward to more forward, PULL BACK to slow down/reverse.

    After 10 minutes of playing around he will better understand the concept.
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    The snapper is the only mower that I have found that will spring return to the stop position. All the rest have the cruse mode that works good but could be hard for the first timer. Try slowing the motor down all the way and go slow for a while.
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    The levers on my Grasshoppper 928D return to neutral position when released. If you let go, you stop.

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