Scag Turf Tiger Deck Removal and Maintenance Part 1


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I've been meaning to do some work on turf tiger deck for a while but have been putting it off because the turf tiger has a drive shaft that connects the deck to a gear box on the deck. The gear box has a pulley that the belt goes on to drive the spindles. I had no experience with this drive shaft and was a little wary about messing with it. It turned out I was needlessly worried cause it was pretty easy to remove. I thought I would post of few pics in case it helps anyone else who is contemplating removing the deck on a turf tiger.

I found that driving the mower onto ramps to raise it's rear wheels gave the greatest access for deck removal.


The drive shaft is actually fairly light and once unbolted it "collapses" so it is pretty easy to get it off its mounts.


On the engine end you just have to remove some bolts.


There is one bolt on the deck end.


The engine end goes onto a splined shaft.

The deck end goes onto a keyed shaft.


Once the driveshaft is off. You have to disconnect the brackets at the rear of the deck. Once disconnected from the deck just let them hang down.


After that you just have to disconnect the chains. There are a pair on each side of the deck.


The easiest way to do the chains is to raise the deck and then lower it onto some blocks of wood so the deck does not actually "hang" from the chains but instead there is some slack in them. After the deck was free I was able to slide it out from under the deck. If you want to actually get it off the ground you will probably not be able to do it by yourself. It is pretty heavy. You will either need a helper or some mechanical device. I used an engine hoist to lift the deck off the ground onto a table. This made it much easier to work on.


Having the deck removed made it real easy to remove the gear box. This involved a few bolts and one bracket.



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off topic slightly.... but what tires are those and how do you like them? How are they on hills and do they tear the turf much?


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off topic slightly.... but what tires are those and how do you like them? How are they on hills and do they tear the turf much?

They are Super Grip Diamond Back ATV Tires. I like them but I mow a lot of roadside drainage banks which are very wet in the summer (Southern FL). These tires give you more traction than turf savers but they do tear up the turf a bit. Not a big deal along the road but you have to be real careful if you are going to mow really nice grass especially when wet.


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So that way works. If you like to leave the driveshaft bolted the splines will just slide apart. We normally undo the chains and push bar "pins". Then a employee lifts (or a chain lift) the front end up and roll the deck forward out pulling the spline driveshaft into two.

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