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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by kaufmaninc, Apr 16, 2003.

  1. kaufmaninc

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    Let me hear from those who are running Turf Tigers. I'll be picking one up this Friday. They are both 2001. It'll be the 61"/27hp Liquid cooled 1300 hrs or the 52"/25hp Kohler 1 hr. Both have new bagging system with 1/2 season. They want $6k for the 61 & 5k for the 52". I thought this sound pretty good.
    Give me the pros & cons.
    do they mulch well in cool season grasses?
    Do they stripe well given the right conditions?

    By the way. The person I'm getting these from has a mower shop(sells Exmark) & services them every Monday morning. What's more impressive is that he also runs 36 Exmarks plus the the 2 scags. 38 total in his fleet. WOW...thats some gas & alot of grass! I can wait to see his operation Friday. I wished I could've been there Monday to see them all lined up for service.
  2. bam

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    1300 hrs.

    our useful engine life averages 2200 hrs. then typically whether kohler, kawasaki, etc. repair bills start to add up. of course those are air cooled. we do have 2 27hp lc with a 72 deck avg. 1000 hrs now. i would hope and think that the lc engine would survive longer.

    running a total of 6 turf tigers now. we also have 5 lazer z's. both are good machines. the exmarks fit in the trailer alittle better. comes down to personal preference.
  3. mklawnman

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    Depends on what your looking for, if you desperatly need a 61inch then get it, though the hours on it are high, so expect some repairs to come soon, maybe on the hydro motors or pumps or any other engine problems, though the LC models are suppose to last longer. If the 52inch has only 1hr on it with the bagger, and 5k sounds like a great deal, the Kohler motor is plenty powerful enough to power the deck. And basically its new with only 1hr on it you said???
    I have a 52inch, now wishing I had a 61inch but in the new design machine, but hey what ya gonna do :cool:
  4. nelbuts

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    here is my $.02 I have run Scags for 18 years and love them.

    So if I were you I would buy the 52" and then put the savings away for when the kohler blows up. then you can buy a new motor for it and still have a good machine.

    I would not have a problem buying either one but take notice that the LC 61" is only $3,700 les than a brand new one with a very good warranty.
  5. yardman1

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    Good price on the 52", but that is a little high on the 61", around here I can get brand new 61" 27 LC kawi for around $8250, I have a 52" and love it will be getting a 61" soon.

  6. hoffmanlandscaping

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    I would have to agree with all the other guys that seems to be a high price and hours on the 61" I bought on last yaer new from my dealer and paid around $8,000. I believe that I would go with the 52 sounds like a great deal I'm not sure what they run new but I would think it is around $7,000 then add another $1,000 for the collection system that is is it is a TT not a tiger cub. But then again either way your getting a great deal sounds like. The kolher engine will last a long time if taken care.

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