Scag Turf Tiger hydro cooler?


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After reading some of the posts here I am getting a little concerned about heat and premature failures. Has any one added a cooler to the Scag Turf Tiger hydro drive system? My dealer says that it is not needed especially since I changed to Amsoil 20/50 synthetic oil. (btw, the engine already has a oil cooler installed from the factory). Thanks for your opinions. Rich


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Rich i use a ToroZ=Master it uses Mobil 15-50 syn. Seems to keep my pumps and motors cool enough, The Lazers use the same type. Ive been running 20-50 dino in one of my walkbehinds for 7 yr no problems.I change my filter around 150 hrs,and change out Hyd Hoses, hope this helps.-------Marks Mowing Service.