Scag Turf Tiger price online


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Have seen this ad on another lawn care site, has anyone had any dealings with They have the best price on the mower I want, delivered (from Denver) & with no sales tax. (61&quot; 25HP Kohler) At this price, you don't have a dealer to fall back on, Where do you go for warranty work in this case?<p>


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I tried to order a Wright Stander from and it took 6 weeks for them to tell me they can't ship that make out of state! No mention of that in their web site. I'm not a happy customer. They are the only online source I've found for this mower.


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One more thought-<br>Even if you get a dealer nearby that will take on the warranty work, do you really think that since you didn't buy it there that he'll put your mower at the front of the list to get fixed? Survey says NO.<br>I thought the same thing 2 yrs. ago when I almost drove 70 miles away to save about $1200 on a new bobcat. It would have pissed my local dealer off because I had known him for awhile, & he would've gotten around to fixing it when he felt like it. Kinda like when you pull up to a customer's lawn & it's already been done; you ask what happened & they say the neighbor did it for them. Just a thought, it happens alot.<p>----------<br>Smitty ô¿ô<br>

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